I got hit but good last night!

I will be sending you private Messages with my new e-mail addy.Please record this E-Mail. Last night I received some very terrable and upsetting ,untrue accusations against one of our own veterans & Legion members. That is all that will be said and no further comment given. Seems somebody decided to use Yahoo as their channel to get to my computer. Use this as it will be MY only contact address. As to why they wanted to hurt this vet I dont know.
I deleate all e-mail traffic copies sent & received twice daily and they are no files maintained on the computer as I keep vet info on disk and run maintence every 2 days. I had a friend who is a investigator with the Sheriff Dept look at the computer to comply it was clean. This person left a URL Address file all the way back thru Virigina though so as of now I turned all the copies of what I received to the SBI. If I didnt know better I would say it was a republican attack as it happened to one of my blogs which is no more.
Oh well, Life must go on. What gets me though is how they found my Yahoo address as it isnt the one listed for the office!
Carry on, I know it wasnt any of you so please dont get the Idea Im implying that. The computer has had a clean sweep & reprogramed with virus scan & maintence done & now I got 2 firewalls up!HAAAAAAAAA!