Hunter, Robinson, Meek, Blount

I don't even know what to say about this (.doc), so I merely present it for your reading pleasure. Never a dull moment, folks. Full text follows:


Rachel Lea Hunter Brings Democrats and Republicans Together

(RALEIGH) – Today, in yet another in a series of non-scencical email rants, candidate for North Carolina Supreme Court Rachel Lea Hunter has compared Democrat State Party Chairman Jerry Meek to Adolph Hitler.

Last Tuesday, Jerry Meek announced that he will recommend that the State Democratic Party withhold an endorsement of Rachel Lea Hunter after Hunter, a registered Democrat, compared an African-American congressional candidate to a slave returning to the plantation. Meek said Hunter’s comments show that she “lacks the judgment and temperament necessary for a Supreme Court Justice.” (“NC Democratic Party Chair Repudiates Rachel Lea Hunter’s Racist Comments,” NCDP Press Release, June 6, 2006).

In response, Hunter she said that her comments were misunderstood. However, rather than retract the statement, Hunter called Jerry Meek “Der Führer” and changed her terminology by comparing the candidate to an “Uncle Tom,” a term originating during slavery where slave owners gave well-liked and trusted slaves less physically demanding duties to perform.

“Clearly, the actions of Rachel Lea Hunter are beyond reprehensible,” said Ferrell Blount, Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party. “Comparing Jerry Meek to Hitler is not only unfair to Jerry but it is also unfair to those who suffered under Adolph Hitler’s tyranny. Using such outlandish comparisons when unwarranted trivializes the sacrifices of those who paid the ultimate price to remove Hitler from power.”

The North Carolina Republican Party has endorsed Justice Mark Martin in his re-election bid for the State Supreme Court. Justice Martin is a veteran judge with over 13 years of judicial experience, and he is the only member of the N.C. Supreme Court who has worked on both the N.C. Court of Appeals and the N.C. Superior Court.

“I am happy that some things, and some people, can still bring Republicans and Democrats together,” added Blount. “Jerry Meek and I do not agree on many of the solutions to the problems North Carolina faces, but we most certainly do agree that Rachel Hunter is unfit to serve on the North Carolina Supreme Court.”


For a moment there,

I thought that Blount was going to say that comparing Meek to Hitler was an insult to Hitler. How far through the looking glass do we have to be before my brain even comes up with that one?

I'm kind of glad

That this hasn't turned into a "She's a Democrat, and they're all like that" / "No, she's REALLY a Republican, and they're all like that!" kind of thing.

9 out of 10 politico's agree, Rachel Lea Hunter is a crackpot

I suppose it isn't the result Rachel Lea Hunter and Connie Mack Berry, Jr. wanted, but it is something that is well deserved. We will be handing out fliers at convention next week to make sure everyone is informed of their record.

Rachel Lea Hunter's racial bigotry has no place on the North Carolina Supreme Court.



Where's Rachel?

Since I first posted my doubts about phony Dean Smith "endorsement" on May 16, all of the many, many comments at my site from the RLH camp have been signed by Connie Berry. Where is Rachel Hunter? Berry says she's quite ill. Is she involved in any or all of this?

Ed, I don't recall

seeing Rachel sign one post. Connie hasn't signed any either, but his posts are unmistakeable. I remember reading that particular thread at your place and that is the only mention I've seen that Rachel is ill.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Just who is steering the ship?

Connie Mack Berry, Jr. has indeed posted on and (on another thread) that Rachel Lea Hunter's brain tumor (that was operated on last year) has returned. It is rumored that due to her illness, she no longer has the facilities to deal with her campaign on a day-to-day basis.

It is very likely that Connie Mack Berry, Jr., for all practical purposes, IS Rachel Lea Hunter these days. Most certainly in recent months, Rachel Lea Hunter's personality has undergone a severe change that has caused her campaign to nose-dive.

Reports in the newspapers always have Connie Mack Berry, Jr. quoted. In her press releases, Rachel Lea Hunter(?) is quick to complain that people (like Jerry Meek) make public statements without calling her first to hear her side of the story.What happens when someone DOES try to call Rachel Lea Hunter? They get Connie Mack Berry, Jr. instead.

It's almost like the Weekend at Bernie's movie starring Connie Mack Berry, Jr.

Right here Ed and gang

So the newest political trick is that Rachel is dying and
we have a double like Sadam faking it as a transgender
retired sports agent in her place. Ed and gang just send
a e-mail to the site like everybody else and you will get
a personal writen reply to you in detail like the hundreds
she did should visit it and start reading folks
or you can call the campaign HQ and she will return your
call.... By the way Lance you have me block from replying,
surely I rate better than fruitcake John Barbara. Ed, Stop
telling my cornerbacks that I am a racist since Vernon
wants a tryout with the Panthers as a offense lineman should his
his political career fail this fall. hugs and kisses gang

Connie, you shouldn't be blocked

What kind of error did you receive? I'm not seeing an entry in the spam logs. Let me know what's going on and I'll try to get to the bottom of it.

Connie, you shouldn't be blocked

I know that Lance, and I didn't mean the way it sounded to you this happens sometimes here and it not
your fault. I have seen it do it do SD at times...If
I was not a founder member of the Julius Ceasar
Conspriacy Club...Chapter 666, I would swear it was Mr
Chairman excising his superior computers skills again! Will work on
it to find the problem since I have been busy with Ed
trying to find RLH in a mouse hunt this morning!

Round 1 and the Champ comes out of the corner with a Pope move

but the recent official communications have taken a turn toward the combative.* Lance

If you are talking about rocky Nathan Tabor wanting to duke it out with me at the Golden Corral a couple of weeks ago at lunch time during the rush hour. I can assure you that his newest tag teammate is John Barbara who wants to get it on in the Kroger #2356 parking lot in Cary with creampuffs at 20
feet to prove how macho he is with anonymous complaints to state officals.
Ed! If you see Mr Chairman hanging in front of the SBC meeting with gloves on!
Let me know?

Who said politicals was not a contact sport?

MIA: Rachel Lea Hunter

Connie Mack Berry, Jr. says, "just send a e-mail to the site like everybody else and you will get a personal writen reply to you in detail like the hundreds she did today...."

How dumb does Connie Mack Berry, Jr. think we are? It is common knowledge that Connie replies to all emails. Sometimes he even replies as "Max the Dog" but most of the time it is "Madame Justice". There is no mistaking his predilection for bad grammar and misspellings not to mention his personality.

The fact of the matter is that there is no way to reach Rachel Lea Hunter directly. No one can reach her by phone and especially not through email.

Rachel Lea Hunter is MIA.

Here is an example: The Durham Herald-Sun wrote a report on Blount/Meek today and called to get a quote from Rachel Lea Hunter. Guess what?

Hunter did not return a phone call Tuesday seeking comment. Her husband and campaign adviser, Connie Mack Berry Jr., took offense at Blount's description of Hunter as "unstable." "Rachel Hunter will be glad to submit herself to any psychiatric evaluation, any place, any time, anywhere, by the best psychiatric personnel in the country," he said.

The entire report can be read here.

Connie Mack Berry's comments, when translated in English, say:

"I cannot deny the facts as presented since I can provide no proof to the contrary. Rather, I will make a couple of personal rants and attempt to change the subject."

Thanks for the confession Connie!

I've seen her at several

I've seen her at several party functions, she looked extremely unapproachable. I contemplated talking to her just to see what she was like, but decided she was too much of a nut to be worth my time.

I've seen her at several times, but I was scare

I've seen her at several party functions, she looked extremely unapproachable.
I contemplated talking to her just to see what

she was like, but decided she was too much of
a nut to be worth my time.*David (not verified)

Now Now David! That is not what you said last night with
your e-mail to her site! Do we want to post it here and really
let you come up another Blues Brothers excuse?

NC House candidate Ed Ridpath joins Jerry Meek: Apologize RLH!

The Politics of Respect

Rachel Lea Hunter has been an out-spoken and often zealous candidate for the NC Supreme Court. She has supported and encouraged me and my campaign, and I have always treated her with the high respect I give to all my fellow human beings.

“Over the top” is something I’ve come to expect from Rachel Lea Hunter. However, recent statements she has made comparing Vernon Robinson, the Republican candidate for US Congress in NC 13th District with plantation slaves and use of “slave lingo” are simply not acceptable.

As I have stated many times, even though our country is 140 years past slavery and 40 years past full Civil Rights, we can not pretend that racism does not still exist. Nor can we casually use racist language without offending good people of all races who know the battle for fair and equal treatment is still being fought everyday.

I join Jerry Meek, the Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party, in calling on Rachel Lea Hunter to sincerely apologize to all those offended by her deliberate use of racist language.

$1000 donation to Ed Ridpath from Rachel Lea Hunter not returned

Ed decided to keep the money rather than return it. Great. Right? Just one small problem. He forgot to report it on his 1st Quarter Report and the SBOE just notified him of his error. No big deal, its just an ammended report. Right?