Holy Bible Batman

As a back-sliding Baptist I feel fully entitled to comment on all things religious, including the latest move by a collection of Greenboro theocrats to get the Bible included as a textbook in public schools. Special thanks to the Pope Puppets for bringing this to our attention this morning.

I'm all in favor of any school that wants to include the Bible in its classroom, but I object mightly to the term "textbook" to describe how it might be used. The Bible is a magnificent work of fiction, pure and simple, as almost any serious biblical scholor will agree. And if you need any proof, go read Misquoting Jesus by UNC professor Bart Ehrman.

So by all means, bring the Bible into any classroom you want. Just don't call it a textbook.


PS I wonder how the Theocrats at Bible Thumpers, Inc., will react when schools start dismantling the Bible as a likely story, at best, and a comedy of errors at worst? My guess is they'll start suing schools for sacrilege. That's a fight I'd welcome.


This could be done well

If you want the keys to 30% or 40% of allegory and symbolism in western art, you've got to know the Bible. Add the Bible to Greek myth and Shakespeare, and you've got well over 50% of sources you'll need to appreciate the depth of America's greatest literature. (I'm totally making this percentages up; disagree?) As long as they're not teaching the kids that there's a God who rains frogs on people and forbids eating shellfish, this could be done well.

On a Bible note (and this has nothing to do with your post, A, but where else will I get a chance to bring this up?), I was reading Revelations the other day in parallel translation and it struck me that when John sees Babylon riding the beast (drunk on the blood of the martyers of Jesus), he only "wonder[s] with great admiration" in the KJV. What's with the admiration? It's been bugging me.

You know they only do that

so when they fail they can say that the libruls are attacking the bible.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Self-referencing Rationalization

It is a matter of time before a book is written titled, "Misquoting UNC professor Bart Ehrman."

Have you read it?

I thought it made several compelling points, but could easily have been a 5000 word article and been just as effective.