Hillary's "glass ceiling" voter drive

Boldly taking on one of the most important issues of our time,

AP — Washington — Tue Mar 6, 6:31 PM ET
Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton called Tuesday for the majority of voters — women — to help her break the nation's highest glass ceiling by electing her the first female president.

And that's right in line with what kos wrote in the Washington Post ten months ago:

At a time when rank-and-file Democrats are using technology to become increasingly engaged and active in their party, when they are demanding that their leaders stand for something and develop big ideas*, Clinton's closest advisers are headed in the opposite direction. . . .

Yet staying away from big ideas seems to come naturally to Hillary Clinton. . . .

Afraid to offend, she has limited her policy proposals to minor, symbolic issues -- such as co-sponsoring legislation to ban flag burning. She doesn't have a single memorable policy or legislative accomplishment to her name. Meanwhile, she remains behind the curve or downright incoherent on pressing issues such as the war in Iraq.

*The emphasis was mine.

As a Senator, Hillary's been on the right wing of the Democratic Party. Now, with her seemingly deliberate fuzziness on issues of substance, she wants the center to think she's centrist, and she wants the left-of-center, progressive Democrats to think she's listening.

But Hillary's not listening. She didn't listen to me and others when we asked her to put an "Issues" link on her website, so I wrote yesterday's diary, WTF does Hillary stand for?

I used to call Reagan "Dr. Feelgood," and Hillary's trying to get elected on the same television strategy of projecting a euphoria-inducing image that makes people forget about substance. We know how powerful that one-eyed demon can be. But if I can quote kos again:

Hillary Clinton leads her Democratic rivals in the polls and in fundraising. Unfortunately, however, the New York senator is part of a failed Democratic Party establishment -- led by her husband -- that enabled the George W. Bush presidency and the Republican majorities, and all the havoc they have wreaked at home and abroad. . . . She may be the establishment's choice, but real power in the party has shifted. . . . Meanwhile, pollster Mark Penn, a brilliant numbers guy, has counseled the Hillary team to ignore the party's netroots activists as "irrelevant."

That was ten months ago, and it doesn't look as though Hillary "gets it" yet. Seems she's still listening to the Washington insider consultants, and it's really going to hurt her badly down the road.

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