Hillary & Rupert--Is Mike Myers behind the curtain?

Read it and weep. Or laugh. Crying won't help.



Very creepy.


The thought of Hillary being the Democratic nominee just about turns my stomach. This country needs healing, and there's simply nothing she can do to serve that function. Too many people hate her to their bones. After eight years of George the Decider Divider, Hillary would be about as bad as it could get.

Even if she were right on the positions (which IMO she's not) it wouldn't matter.

i am not surprised.

i heard about this during morning edition's half-hour "weird news" bumper this morning.

under normal circumstances i probably would have been all "whaaaaAAA?", but this doesn't surprise me one bit. murdoch's little fundraiser could very well equal a nice little quid pro quo in the form of, oh, i don't know... further deregulation of the broadcasting industry? nice greasy wheels when it comes to a multi-billion $ merger between news corporation and whoever?