Hey Nate, let's make a deal

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Dear Nathan Tabor,

It looks like one of your favorite spokesbots has blown a few circuits. She's even a pariah inside her own party. You know I don't mind a lively debate, and name-calling has always been part of political discourse. But sheesh. Do you really have to align yourself with Ann Coulter?


Make sure you catch the Kos link.

Ms. Coulter's pulling power appears to be on the wane. But that shouldn't stop us from encouraging the Conservative Voice to disassociate itself with her. Maybe even bribe them!

Here's my promise: I'll stop making fun of Nathan Tabor if he cancels Dear Ann.

That's a big sacrifice for me because he's such an easy target. But for the good of the order, I'll do it. All Nate has to sacrifice is a daily embarrassment. That shouldn't be so hard.

Please drop him a note and ask nicely. editor@theconservativevoice.com


Are you sure you want to quit cold turkey? Maybe you could try it for a month...

I can do it.

As we used to say back at Lejeune, it's a target rich environment.

I double dare you A to have Ann booted out of the Steak House

Please drop him a note and ask nicely.* A

Don't Worry! Usually the short order cook Nathan at the
Golden Corral clears everything with me first with his
instant e-mails to me. Nate is trying to be a boy for
all political seasons at the moment. He is a progressive in drag
on several sites and than he becomes Mr Chairman waterboy
pretending to be a secret Gay who needs religion to
" Straighten" out his sinful life. Whatever you do! Do not
accept his standard offer to duel you in Downtown Durham
at high noon to prove George Bush is not Gay.

What the f**k are you talking about?

Son. I. What. Do.


Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Dear Nate,

Whatever you do, please do not cancel your daily Coultergeist session. There is nothing that is quite so enjoyable as reading Anglico's latest rant on your latest disply of ignorance. You don't want to rob me of one of the few joys I have left in life, do you?

I knew you would see it my way. Thanks, little buddy.


Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Daly news

He has to settle for Ann Coulter because he is in such torment over Kay Daly, her husband Jack and the other "Nate", Nate "dog castrator" Pendley who constitute Vernon Robinson's dirty tricks department.

TCV has over a hundred plus columnists/ bloggers listed but you won't find a link to Kay Daly of Hackergate fame who revels in being labelled the next "Phyllis Schlafly".


Poor Kay. It doesn't look like anyone reads her stuff. Or maybe it's that people who agree with her are against reading on principle.

Or maybe the people that agree with her

Just can't read....you know, when you lay down with dogs...you get up with a lot of dog hair on the black dress!

What goes around

Usually comes around! I just didn't realize that in the case of Slug Coulter it would be soooo quick. Now if she could just be stricken with sores and disease....awww...wishful thinking!

the geist on hardball tonight

With Norah, and she looked more anorexic than usual - really looked ill to me. Between the ill health and the cackling and the sentences that make no sense, I think we are looking at a quiet vacation to rehab sometime in the future. What was funny was Norah showed a photo of Coulter from the first year of MSNBC(it is their tenth anniversary) and Annie looked so much more alive back then. Like those before and after meth addict photos. Norah even got in a few digs about the difference, too, in a real catty kind of way that made me feel a bit kinder toward..Norah!

Yes, Noron isn't one of my favorites

I wish I had seen the interview. I'm in the mood for catty.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.