Hey Hillary! Once you go Black... (political cartoon)

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To do this strip, I listen and read a LOT of right wing crap and yesterday's painful brush with idiocy was with Rush Limbaugh.

I heard Hillary's clip from Selma during her rendition from Cleveland's hymn. It sounded so atrocious and fake, I thought it was a satire piece from Limbaugh's production staff - it almost sounded like Whoopie Goldberg in A Color Purple. It wasn't until later yesterday when I realized, it was a real recording.

Holy crap! It was like she was trying out for Spielberg. It wasn't a Southern accent, I can detect those, this sounded to me like a slave accent.

Yes, I know Hillary spent 17 long years in Arkansas, but surely, she would have a passable Southern accent by now. Ya know?


OMG! I just heard this on

OMG! I just heard this on the radio. I don't know what she was trying to sound like, but it was so bad/fake. It is so bad, it kind of sounds like she had on headphones with a slight delay and she kept waiting for her voice to catch up with her.

In fairness, I can't stand the sound of her voice, so I am biased against it, but come on.

To be fair

She was reading a quote.......watch several clips of her speaking to African Americans and she does not bring out an obvious accent.

Obama on the other hand was veeeery obvious. I can't stand HRC, but she was reading something that would have sounded even worse if she had read it straight up.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Personally I don't like HC either

but to be fair, I know that sometimes while speaking to people from different regions and countries, I slip into this thang where I find myself speaking like them....maybe I'm too easy.

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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great point, momo

My wife and I were having this very conversation last night, and we talked about how everybody tends to speak like their audience from time to time. For that, she might get a pass, if only. . .

She and Bill didn't always pander to win elections. They love these little photo-oppy, fuzzy moments. One I heard yesterday was from her 2000 Senate campaign--"I've always loved the Yankees." Yeah, Hill, the Yanks were always big in the Chicago burbs and Arkansas.

I don't think we should burn them at the stake for stuff like this---I just find it annoying. They are like newspapers who write to the reading abilities of 7th-graders.

War is over if you want it.

I agree

Though from NC, I have a fairly non-regional dialect (people have often assumed I'm a Yankee). However, I can sometimes slip into speaking like others without noticing. That said, when we start speaking like those around us, we usually sound remotely like them. I'm not sure I have heard anyone with a dialect similar to Hillary's in the "speech."

what you've hit on

is the simple fact that while she shares his last name, she is not Bill. Bill would have pulled that off with panache. She sounds like a robot in comparison.

War is over if you want it.


If she were prone to pick up dialects from people around here, wouldn't she talk in that raspy Southern, "I did not have sexual relations..." voice all the time?

Nothing like doing

the right wing's dirty work for it.

Hillary doesn't have to have a pitch perfect southern accent. She can quote a hymn if she'd like. She's got southern bona fides.

I'm no Hillary fan, but amplifying this right-wing nonsense is counterproductive.

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I'll be the first in line

To put a Hillary sticker on my car if she wins the nomination. Till then, I'll fight like hell to get somebody else elected. I'm not an anybody but Hillary type, but I'm close to it. There are some really great candidates out there, taking bold stands on tough issues---Edwards, Obama, Richardson, off the top of my head, while she continuously focus-groups her Iraq position and comes out against flag-burning and video games. My point is, like Bill, she doesn't choose to lead on the issues, and it's really annoying.

But, closer to your point, we probably do take this stuff too far. We never want to give the right wing ammo, but we do have to have a hard primary when we have this many good candidates.

War is over if you want it.

I am right there with ya...

I think Hillary can win the nomination but that is it.

When I was GOTVing for Sharpe last year, GOPers were receptive to hearing about Sharpe even though he was a Democrat. I think the GOPers have already made up their minds about Hillary and it is not in Hillary's favor.

If anything Hillary will be a HUGE motivator for the other side's GOTV efforts.

I think Obama, Clark, Edwards and of course Gore would all make fine candidates and I am starting to like Richardson.

Just don't get me started on Ralph Nader.

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When she had her "on-line" chat announcing that she

was in to win, I registered and submitted a question about her BARDA vote. I was blocked from further comments after that. Sorry, but to me, she's just a Republican in Dino's clothing

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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nice point

what I find troubling about her is that I would expect very tight speech controls in a HRC admin. Not as gestapo as Bush (don't think anything could be, unless Rudy, maybe), but un-dem, to say the least.

War is over if you want it.


who gives a performance like this is declaring their intention to NOT be competitive in the primary. I want to win the white house. But I would rather not lose the House and Senate at the same time.

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"Keep the Faith"

Well, I have finally seen her on CNN

reading that quote, and I must say, I did not find it offensive. The wing-nuts are going to jump on every excuse to divide us, and that's to be expected, but we don't need to help them out. HRC is certainly not my favorite candidate, and I sincerely hope somebody more progressive and less polarizing wins the nomination, but as I have said before I intend to support the nominee of the Democratic party, whoever that might be. I cannot think of a single contender for the Dem nomination who would not be far, far better than anybody the R's can offer.

for me

its not about feeling offended, its about being dumb enough to give the republicans enough that in one 30 second tv ad they will make her unable to win a huge chunk of states.

its like john kerry skiing but worse.

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"Keep the Faith"

Yeah, I am not offended, just cringing cause it was horrid and..

... stupid.

Someone else accused me of fake outrage. I am not outraged whatsoever, just a lot of cringing and eye-rolling on my end.

The things that kills me is she is a smart and capable woman who I feel didn't need to be a hawk to run for President and didn't need to to the Color Purple act this past weekend. She would be a powerful person and difficult candidate to beat if she was just herself.

But instead we get fake, calculating Hillary and it is wholly disappointing. if the liberals complain about it, imagine what the conservatives think!

However Obama, Edwards, Clark and Gore (my tarot cards says yes!) are all capable without the fake platitudes.... or at least as fake.

I want a liberal candidate that can win the general election, not just a nomination.

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It's very difficult to teach your children that lying is not acceptable when the highest officials in our country do it on a daily basis.

It's most discouraging.