"He's not a lazy partisan hack ... "

"He's a lazy, dangerous partisan hack." That's what an economist friend said about Richard Burr in response to the Senator's failure to support tax breaks for small businesses, and his insistence on more tax breaks for the rich.

Economic research suggests that tax cuts, though difficult for politicians to resist in election season, have limited ability to bolster the flagging economy because they are essentially a supply-side remedy for a problem caused by lack of demand.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office this year analyzed the short-term effects of 11 policy options and found that extending the tax cuts would be the least effective way to spur the economy and reduce unemployment. The report added that tax cuts for high earners would have the smallest “bang for the buck,” because wealthy Americans were more likely to save their money than spend it.

The office gave higher marks to the proposal, now embraced by President Obama, to allow small businesses to write off 100 percent of their investment costs.

Richard Burr stands squarely against both of these economic recovery pillars, and his stand is based on one of two possible reasons. (1) He's so uninformed that he can't understand the reality of how money flows in our economy. (2) He doesn't care because his partisan agenda trumps what's good for America.

Which is it, Senator? Are you just not very smart, or do you just not care?

I stand with Elaine Marshall.


ok, help me out a little with ideas for an editorial

I am sketching out an editorial and would like to mention 3 negatives about Burr. I have two - the time he made a big show of delivering stimulus money to a fire dept. when he voted against the stimulus and the vote he cast in favor of making spousal abuse a "preexisting condition" that would prevent battered women from filing an insurance claim. (what was that bill anyways?).

So I am looking for a 3rd item to use. Any ideas anybody? It should be succinct and verifiable.


I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

A few options

You could expand on the spousal abuse as a preexisting condition by building on the theme of him being bad for women with his vote against Franken's anti-rape amendment, and against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

You could expand on the stimulus money with more economics talk like the recent attempts to block small business relief, block unemployment, or Goldman Sachs contributions & his opposition to wall street reform. And of course there is the whole Bank Run Burr incident.

Another option is his big oil connections with his donations from BP & Haliburton and his voting record reflecting that. Big Oil deregulation probably isn't a popular stances these days amongst voters. From his wikipedia page environment section: "Burr has generally received low ratings from environmental-protection organizations. In 2007-2008, for example, he received a rating of 0% from Environment America,[18] 12% from the League of Conservation Voters, and 29% from Republicans for Environmental Protection.[19]"

This page may be helpful too: http://thatsmycongress.com/senate/senatorRichardBurrNC111.html

Unemployment compensation

Burr has consistently voted against funding benefit extensions, even while NC faced double-digit unemployment.