Here's the Link for Larry K. Live

Here's the link to listen to Larry Kissell live at 7:35. It should open in iTunes or Winamp or whatever you use to listen to streaming audio.

I'll live-blog using the comments.


The host is describing the

The host is describing the "informed ballot" matchup, said it "causes waves" and highlighted that it's been seen on "daily Kos" (way to go, SD!).

New Topic: Flip

New Topic: Flip Flopping.

CAFTA, Hayes' crying on the floor during the fast track trade authority bill. Kissell is pointing out that his was the deciding vote on both bills. Hayes' votes are a "slap to the face" of the 8th district.

Host: "DeLay knew he could

Host: "DeLay knew he could go to Hayes, and knew they could get him to cave."

"But in fairness, he only cried once." Heh. They hosts are really focusing on the tears.

North Carolina: "Tough Guy State"?

The host wants to compare Kissell to John Edwards (I think the connection is mills). Edwards is from Robbins, which is only ten miles from Biscoe, where Kissell lives.

Kissell says this "recovery" is jobless and wageless, people earning less than before and not saving.

"How many Americas do you

"How many Americas do you have in your district." Again, heh.

Host: what's your hang-up on CAFTA, and would you have voted against it? Good question.

Kissell: it has hurt the people of the 8th, and we haven't seen government coming in and promoting new opportunities.

Host: the war is a touchy issue when you go to the South. The war doesn't come up on your website.

Kissell: it's on everyone's mind. We're being generous in not calling it a collosal blunder or a collosal lie. The troops did their mission (if they ever had one) and it's time to bring them home.

Kissell: I teach HS social

Kissell: I teach HS social studies, and when you try to explain to the students "why are we there" it's difficult. Let the Iraqis solve their own issues.

Host: it's refreshing to hear someone say that in a part of the country where that's not easy to say.

Host: what's going wrong in

Host: what's going wrong in your campaign? What are your frustrations?

Kissell: given who I am and when we started, things are going gangbusters (serious paraphrase from me there, folks). Name recognition is still an issue, but people are ready for change and we're getting the word out.

Host: are you giving out lots of good grades this year so parents will like you?

Kissell: I try to keep the campaign out of the classroom. We got 93% in my county in the primary, so I think we're ok.

Host: commends Kissell for

Host: commends Kissell for being a teacher running for congress, putting ideas into action.

Kissell: the disregard for the Constitution we're seeing doesn't bode well for the future. At some point you say to yourself "Hey, I've got to do something about it."

After Kissell signs off, one of the hosts: "You know, it's hard not to like that guy."


I missed it....I'm crying

John came home and the girls, dog, hubby and I were having some family time. Sometimes family simply has to come first. I'm so glad you blogged it Lance.

I'm going to live blog Brad Miller's committee meeting/hearing he mentioned on DKos. He has a recommended diary today.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Don't Cry.

The downside to paying too much attention to a subject is that when it gets covered on the radio or TV it seems like they barely scratch the surface.

but I love the parts they hit...

that was great for just scratching the surface

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Lance, thanks for hosting the PDF of the POll

Larry Kissell Poll There you go folks. For your own enjoyement.

Swing State Project also did a front page on this giving the MyDD post a hat tip. So many negative people out there calling it a push poll. Informed polls aren't reliable..yadda..yadda..yadda. You just wanna smack them and tell them that informed polls give you an idea of what will happen once the electorate is informed so stop their whining and pontificating and send Larry some money so he can do some informing!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Larry Kissell

How many ways can you lie to the American public. Looks like Rep. can lie as much as they can send on pork. Keep it up Larry