Help Send Tina to Charlotte!!

Friends, Over the last unbelievably short 8 years of my being an active and engaged member of the Democratic Party, I have had the privileged honor to meet some of the greatest political figures of our lifetime and certainly some of the most respected leaders of the Democratic Party.

There is just one person I have not yet had the opportunity to personally meet and that is our President Barack Obama! Please make a donation to help me travel to Charlotte and maybe get that one last opportunity to meet our President and be your voice in Charlotte!

Humbly asking for your generous donation,

Tina Willis Rodriguez, 2012 Democratic National Convention Delegate-Alternate

Former 1st Vice Chair-NCDP 3rd Congressional District; SEC Member-NCDP; 2008 DNC Rules Committee; 2nd/3rd Vice President-Carteret County Democratic Women; 2004 DNC Delegate; Wildwood Precinct Chair; and 2006 Candidate for Carteret County Commissioner