From Heath Shulers Site!

I think that I personaly know Heath & his staff well enough to say I beleive he means every word of it! Dan

Veterans - We must honor our veterans by providing the benefits that they have earned and been promised. I believe that it is the obligation of America to stand up for those who have stood up for us. As America welcomes our newest generation of veterans home from Afghanistan and Iraq, Congress must honor them by providing the funds needed to guarantee that these great Americans have timely access to high quality health care and the other benefits that they have earned through their tremendous service and sacrifice.
At a time of war and a time in which we are asking so much of the men and women serving in our Armed Forces, I believe that it is critical that we honor our military personnel, both while on active duty and as veterans. We owe each of them a tremendous debt of gratitude for their service. These brave men and women have put our safety ahead of their own and our families ahead of theirs.

We must reward them for their heroism and put their needs and care ahead of the partisan politics of discretionary spending. Congress must make veterans’ health care funding mandatory to guarantee the necessary resources to care for sick and disabled veterans.

Years of inadequate funding for veteran’s health care have created a crisis within the system. It is past time that we solve this problem once and for all. I will fight diligently to improve the lives of our veterans and their families. I firmly believe that funding for veterans must be made a clear and unconditional priority.