Heath Shuler Mailer

Most of my fellow students got this in the mail today at school. For some reason I did not get one. But then I never get any mailers, except from the Republicans. I am not sure who I pissed off in a former life, but I did something.

I thought that y'all might like to see this, especially those of you that live down state.


Page Two and Three:

Page Four:

Page Five:

Page Six:

Page Seven:

As a constituent I especially appreciate page six, giving me all the contact info that I can separate from the rest of the mailer (the edge of that page is perforated for this purpose). On the other side of that is page five that gives examples of constituent services.

To be honest I think that a piece like this, giving contact info, should have come out several months ago, although waiting a few months gives him a record to tout in the piece.

Discuss this amongst yourselves.



Ditto, thanks for posting.

Right now Heath needs to keep his name out there in the district, so that people know he is fighting the fight he said he would. The biggest challenge that freshmen face is that they are "do nothing" or that they "forgot" about home. I think if Heath keeps the pavement hot between WNC and D.C. he'll do just fine.

One man with courage makes a majority.
- Andrew Jackson

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.