Heath Shuler Ahead of Charles Taylor in NC-11 Poll

(This has been in the news for a little while now, but I wanted to keep attention on it and encourage folks to support Heath Shuler with their money or time)

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Since his first Congressional victory back in 1990, Charles Taylor has never trailed in a poll or in an election. That streak just ended.

Anzalone/Liszt Research: "While challenger Heath Shuler has nearly doubled his favorable rating, Taylor’s personal popularity, job rating and re-elect measure all continue to worsen. Taylor’s troubles have turned the race into a statistical dead heat, with Shuler holding a slight lead.

Shuler now leads Taylor by a 45% to 43% margin. Taylor held a small, seven-point lead in February (47% Taylor/40% Shuler). A torrent of negative press stories connecting Taylor even closer to the Abramoff scandal and on his miscues on the 9-11 monument funding have has hurt Taylor’s standing with voters.

• Taylor receives a weak 50% positive / 45% negative job rating. Taylor’s ratio of positives to negatives is the worst for any incumbent we’ve polled this year.

• Taylor’s high negative job rating has cut him off from potential expansion. Among undecided voters, Taylor has an 52% negative job rating.

• Taylor’s high negatives lead to a net-negative re-elect measure. Just 42% say they would vote to re-elect Taylor, while 48% would vote for someone new. Taylor’s re-elect measure has dropped four points since February (46% re-elect).

• Taylor is battling a very difficult national political environment for Republicans.
A majority of voters (61%) think things in the United States are moving in the wrong direction. George Bush’s job rating is just 38% positive / 61% negative, down from February (44% positive/54% negative). Taylor is fighting national currents without strong personal support measures to give him cover.

• Heath Shuler receives a 36% favorable / 12% unfavorable rating. Shuler’s name ID is up 19 points since February, and his favorable rating is up 16 points. Shuler has the momentum in this campaign.

• The generic ballot has gotten better for Democrats in just three months. Currently 44% of voters say they are more likely to vote for a Democratic candidate for Congress, while just 36% say they prefer a Republican – an eight-point advantage. In February, the generic ballot was 41% Democrat/39% Republican."

Heath Shuler, a conservative Democrat, is running the smartest campaign ever against this unprincipled Congressman. He's been winning support in the rural western counties while laying the groundwork for a comprehensive campaign. The National Journal recently ranked this the 16th most competitive Congressional race in the nation.

If you've had enough of the dishonest mismanagement of Congressman Charles Taylor, then now's the time to step up and support Heath Shuler. A Shuler victory will be good for the district and will put us one step closer to a democratic majority in Congress.

Volunteer for the Heath Shuler campaign.

Donate, even if just a few bucks, to Heath.

Sign up for Shuler's e-newsletters.


So...Screwy gets a prize

Yay Screwy! You were the first! I'm going to bake you one of my special apple pies. I just have to figure how to ship it.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Special like if it wouldn't make you sick

you'd sit and eat the whole durned thing in one sitting. Special like you wouldn't dream of ruining it by having it a la mode.(Great Grandmother's recipe)

My husband and children don't eat pie, so I don't get to make them very often. My pecan pie is also quite deadly.(Libby Hearn of Hearns grocery store in Carrboro) If you're diabetic you can't even look at it. Oh....and don't forget my chocolate chess pie.(Mom) Now that is very good with ice cream.

All I do is follow the recipes.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Screwy...these are great numbers

I just happened to find them when I was researching Anzalone Liszt. These are really amazing considering the makeup of the voter base in this area. I'm glad Heath has the money to build on this momentum.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


I'm the first one, eh? And for a week-old story at that.

"I'm glad Heath has the money to build on this momentum"

Heath had $550k in the bank after the last quarter, but this race will take at least $2 million in spending from the challenger, and with Taylor deep pockets, Heath will need all the support he can get.

I want to thank you stalwart BlueNCers (and myriad lurkers) for your support and unconditional positive regard.

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I'm afraid it will take Heath more money

that it will take Larry. The fact is, these are excellent numbers. If you go to SwingStateProject there is a Larry Kissell front page post. There are some references to the race in the 11th on there if you want to jump in and answer their questions.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Good news is that Heath has the money

He has a multi-million dollar bidness with 250 employees in eastern TN, PLUS Rahm Emmanuel calls him regularly. The D-trip is all over this one. And Prez Clinton has called him several times. Heath won't lose because he didn't have enuff money.

And I finally figured out what that hit on him by Taylor several weeks ago meant. The one about people from California? Taylor was trying (in his bumbling way) to connect Heath to Nancy Pelosi! That's what they'll do. Try to make Heath look like an outsider or tied to liberal dems.
“All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.”
So enjoy the Drama.

Dem, I would Probally Pay...........

Just to get a good pecan pie!!!! I love Pecan pie!YUM!!!Screwy, Thanks for posting this ,I know Heath ,Hayden & the gang will really appericate it!
Though being a Disabled Vet dont pay much you know how serious I am about getting Heath to DC! I guess I will have to go and bust the mugs Ive been puttin quaters,dimes & pennies in for several years!

So much money. It's utterly

So much money. It's utterly insane how much money is spent on campaigns...sigh.

Well, I couldn't vote for him just because he was a TN QB. Go Gators! :)