He Stoops to Conquer

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There's a fresh new face in the Art Pope Puppetshow named Terry Stoops, a fitting moniker if ever there was one. Having drunk the John Locke Foundation's free-market kool-aid in vast quantities, Stoops stoops to a new rhetorical low in today's diatribe about public education. Feel free to go read the whole sorry missive, but if you want to save yourself a headache, just jump to the last line:

Experimentation is the role of the private sector and students, not of the government and education bureaucrats.

I know Pope Puppets aren't supposed to think for themselves, but this statement is so inane that it doesn't even warrant the courtesy of a serious response. I guess we shouldn't expect anything more from people whose ideas are blinded by pure hatred of government.



at the Carolina Journal are a good laugh. Hood takes the day off and sends in the understudy Puppets, who always manage to amuse. This is one of the best ever.