Happy Holidays and a reminder about how important our time on Earth truly is

As I prepare to go to Congress and celebrate the holidays with my family I want each of you to know how much I appreciate each of you for the interest you have shown not only in winning back North Carolina's Eighth District, but for the active interest you take in our Democracy each and every day of the year. I hope you all realize the importance of your actions and the huge contribution you make as you spend your precious time campaigning and keeping the important issues of the day on the forefront.

In my family we've been doing some soul searching over the last few days and thinking a lot about how short life can be. One of my daughter's best friends, Katelyn Watts, was killed in a tragic car accident last week. Katelyn had been one of my students at East Montgomery High School and had a bright future ahead of her, you could see it now at only 17 years old. Losing someone so young makes time seem all the more precious and I have thought a lot about the job ahead of me and making the most of the next two years for the people I will be representing. I will look forward to being here at BlueNC with you all in the coming years and I know together there is a lot of good we can do.

Now as we pause to celebrate and spend time with our families, please know you and yours are in my thoughts and that I am thankful for your friendship. Happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas, Larry

Wishing you strength and clarity of thought in the challenging job ahead. Just remember the principles and commitments that brought you to this point, and you'll do great. And if you ever need any advice or feedback from the little people, you know where to find us.

Merry Christmas, CONGRESSMAN Kissell

and thanks for taking time, during what must be an extremely busy time for you and your family, to spend a few minutes with us. Many here, even though not in the 8th district, did our best to help put you on this journey...and we wish you well.

You have a big job ahead. The most challenging economic circumstances in nearly a hundred years...and lots of people are hurting.

Just a reminder..and example...to help you keep in mind that health care is a huge issue: I got the bill yesterday for my father's five day stay at a local hospital. He fell and was treated for heart arrhythmia. $33,000.00!!!!! He's insured. It's still eye-popping!

What happens to the 40 Million+ who can't afford insurance? Why does it cost $6000 a day to be in a hospital? (I can answer part of that...about $500/day is to recover (from PAYING patients) the $100 Million+ spent yearly by the New Hanover Regional Medical Center to provide emergency care to those who have no other access to health care.

We're rooting for you. Do us proud!

Stan Bozarth

Merry Christmas, Larry!

You're a good man, and you'll make an excellent Congressman. A lot of your colleagues in the House will be working from the assumption that the hard work is over until the next election, but for people like you who are going there to actually make a difference, the hard work has just begun. Show 'em what they're supposed to do, Larry. :)

Thank you Larry

We're very proud to have elected you and are looking forward to the changes you will bring to your office.

Happy, Happy, Happy

for me, but I'm not sure for you. I hope you don't start wishing you were back in that history class by February.
It will be a tough time for all of us, but tougher for the president and congress. God bless you, Larry. People just don't know what public service is. It is really service.

Nancy Miller Martin