Haditha a symptom of a war gone wrong from the get-go

I found this in the Asheville Citizen and thought it was quite interesting....Dan

The recent massacre at Haditha, together with the deprivations of abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, might lead one to believe that ordinary American soldiers are nothing short of vicious beasts. Nonsense. Which one of us would not do the same, given the same conditioning, placed in the same circumstances?

War itself is to blame, not the people fighting in it. It is the training in unrepentant ruthlessness that is necessary to fight and kill blindly, without remorse. Above all, it is the fault of a ruthless and cavalier administration, utilizing the horrors of war to impose its will upon an uncooperative foreign nation.

Why do we hear the description “another Hitler” attached to those adversaries deemed threatening enough to warrant armed aggression? Simply because most Americans are so humane as to refuse any justification short of Hitler’s atrocities for launching the horrors of war. It is a tribute to my fellow citizens that they will settle for nothing less, and a condemnation of our leadership that they falsely attach such a label, imposing upon our troops the dilemma of either committing the atrocities of war or the self-destructive act of refusing.

Those responsible should be indicted, starting at the top.

Steve Livingston



Thanks, Dan.

People don't realize that war really is hell. Which is why the fact that AWOL George started one on a lark is so damnable.