Greensboro Minimum Wage Petition - UPDATE

The Greensboro City Council has agreed to consider overturning City Attorney Linda Miles' decision to invalidate 6,412 signatures on an initiative petition to raise the city's minimum wage to $9.36 per hour. The matter is item number 37 on the Council's agenda for its regular meeting on Tuesday, December 18, starting at 5:30 PM in the Council chambers in the Melvin Municipal Office Building in downtown Greensboro. Please come to the meeting to stand with the voters who signed and those of us who spent many hours collecting signatures on this petition. If you wish to speak to the Council on this matter, you may do so. You may arrive late and stay as long as you'd like.

Please see my earlier post, Greensboro City Clerk Attempts to Thwart Minimum Wage Effort, for a more detailed discussion.