Governor Perdue struggles with ethics and lobbying issues

Bev withdraws at the last minute for this:

Gov. Bev Perdue was scheduled to appear at an event next week organized by a group backing ethics reform, one of her pet issues.

But there was a catch that the governor's staff says she didn't know about: The event is a fundraiser for the reform group, and was being hosted by an all-star group of lobbyists, a format that seemed to run counter to the proposals to clean up state government.

Just to add a humorous twist, check out what the head of the reform group said:

The opinion, which prevents sanctions if followed, says an exemption in the ethics law allows public servants who show up to take free food and drinks. It's allowed because a broad group of officials was invited - one of roughly a dozen loopholes in North Carolina's ban on gifts for top public officials.

Pinsky said her group wants the loophole closed but would use it while it existed. She said lawmakers who attend can still choose to pay or opt not to eat or drink.

Yes yes, the "do as I say, not as I do" approach is always effective...

Why did the reform group arrange the event? Pinsky said her organization needs the money. "We have to keep the lights on," she said.

Well. As long as you need the money, I guess it's okay... ;o

As funny as that situation seems, what's even funnier is Governor Perdue turning up her nose at such, while agreeing to do this:

NRA's Leadership Forum has become an all-time favorite event for NRA members and a critical campaign stop for any serious contenders for the White House, Congress or any of our nation's governorships.

Featured speakers include: Governor Sarah Palin; Ambassador John Bolton; Congressman Dan Boren; Congressman Mike Pence; and Lt. Colonel Oliver North.

Invited speakers to this unique, members-only event include: Governor Mike Huckabee; Governor Mitt Romney; Governor Haley Barbour; Governor Bob McDonnell; Governor Jeb Bush; Governor Mitch Daniels; Governor Bev Perdue; Senator Scott Brown; Senator Richard Burr; Senator Jim DeMint; Senator Jim Webb; Congressman John Tanner; Congressman Heath Shuler; Steve Forbes; Elizabeth Hasselbeck; Chuck Norris; and Michael Reagan.

I don't mean to be an elitist and all that, trying to influence my favorite Governor to run with a better crowd, but, you know. Damn. Is the NRA money that important to you?