Gov. Cooper to Resident Trump: We're waiting for answers.

Looks like Governor Cooper is holding firm on hosting a safe convention. Very glad to see this clear, solid letter to the RNC.



Pretty dang proud of Roy

The more smoothly and maturely he handles each crisis, the more vicious the Republicans attacks get. And this Trump vs. Cooper thing is the last thing GOP operatives want, because it just highlights how incompetent their President is.

Cooper avoided a Charlotte nightmare

Cooper's letter, I believe, went out a few hours before Trump's tear-gas stunt in front of the church. That stunt really sealed the fate of the RNC convention in Charlotte - there's just no way any sensible city or state leaders would want to handle the security for that hot mess with after seeing what could happen when the Trump death cult hit town.

Even if the GOP can find another host city, the convention looks like it's going to be a disaster with so little time to book and prepare for it - in the end, it may be less of a convention than simply a Trump rally with an online roll call of delegates tacked on.