GOP's newest attack on UNC System: 2 + 2 = 4

Forcing freshmen and sophomores into community colleges:

Speaking to a UNC Board of Governors committee, a key legislator hinted that a “guaranteed admission program” is ultimately intended to channel up to a quarter of the system’s undergraduates into community college.

He didn’t elaborate, except to say the attempt isn’t likely to come in this year’s session of the N.C. General Assembly. But such a move would almost certainly involve giving UNC campuses less of a per-student subsidy for freshmen and sophomores than for upperclassmen.

There are probably some (many?) reading this who think this might be a good idea. Heck, both of my UNC System graduate children took this route. But that transition from one institution to the next was far from easy, and ended up costing each of them an extra semester in the process. The General Assembly needs to keep its hands out of this situation, and let the students and their parents decide the best route for a degree. Aren't they the ones harping about "choice" anyway?



Costly choices

You can't go to school there yet, but you also can't go anywhere else after you're played our little game:

The bill’s language doesn’t allow a student assigned to the program by Chapel Hill or State to use another UNC institution as a “safety school.” They’d have to accept diversion, or, if they insist on going to a four-year college, register at a private or out-of-state public institution.

That's some silly shit right there, cooked up by an idiot who was asked a question he wasn't prepared for, and blurted out the first draconian impulse that came to him.

A better change to help graduation rates

How about going back to the days of a core freshman curriculum? Incoming freshmen are given too many choices, and are forced into declaring majors way too early. Why allow incoming freshmen at NC State to enter the School of Engineering right away? Give them 2 semesters to acclimate to college life and college academics through a core freshman curriculum.


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