The Good Samaritan Clinic -- Haywood County

For a number of years, Haywood County's Good Samaritan Clinic provided a compassionate and quality alternative to the hospital emergency room for those who needed care, but could not qualify for Medicaid or Health Department assistance. Haywood Regional Medical Center helped support the clinic, finding that less expensive than paying ER doctors and staff to provide routine primary care.

However, HRMC and Harris hospital in Sylva combined a couple of years ago to form Medwest, and that has recently come under the management of Carolinas Health Care of Charlotte -- no doubt in a power play to challenge the mighty Mission Hospitals in Asheville.

Apparently the Good Samaritan Clinic is now caught in the fallout of Carolinas Health Care coming to the mountains, as HRMC will no longer support Dr. Don Teater and the clinic.

We will see when local newspapers catch up to this news.