Gerald Galloway – A Non-Partisan Solution for District 52 (Moore County)-Part two


In a letter to all registered voters, Galloway wrote: "I was born in Sanford, North Carolina. My Dad was born in Moore County, of parents who were dyed-in-the-wool Republicans. My Mother was born in Montgomery County, of parents who were dyed-in-the-wool Democrats. I attended the local public school system in Sanford, and continued my education subsequently receiving a Bachelors Degree from Campbell College.

"I moved to Moore County in 1975 to become a police officer with the Southern Pines Police Department. I was promoted to Chief of Police in 1988 and held that position until my retirement in 2005.

In addition to 31 years of law enforcement, he is the past president of the Southern Pines Rotary Club, the Moore County Law Enforcement Officers Association, past chair of United Way of Moore County board of directors and a former board member of the North Carolina League of Municipalities Risk Management Services. Currently, Mr. Galloway is a part-time instructor in the Criminal Justice Program at Sandhills Community College.

Please see the interview below the fold...

Gerald Galloway has spent much of his life serving the public. Through educational and outreach programs, Galloway has consistently shown that he is concerned for the individual and the community.

What issues are you personally most concerned about going into the fall Elections? What will be your top priority if you're elected?

Galloway: EDUCATION is clearly Moore County’s most important public issue. Our Elementary and Secondary public schools are facing significant capital needs. Sandhills Community College is probably the best in North Carolina. We must continue adequate support for the Public Schools and the College so our citizens can learn how to make a living.
GROWTH (both Economic and population) must be achieved in a way that preserves our unique ambience and way of life. Included with this issue are the problems of zoning, water, transportation and green space.
PUBLIC HEALTH – We must find ways to control rapidly increasing cost of medical care and prescription medications. We must support one of our most important resources, First Health, both its Hospital and great medical staff. All our citizens need access to quality affordable health care.
STATE FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – The State Legislature needs to do a better job of managing the budget so we can be prepared for economic ups and downs. Some observers have indicated there is a billion dollars of “pork” in the budget just passed by the G.A.

Do you support drilling off the coast of North Carolina for oil and natural gas?

Galloway: I don’t know enough about the details of drilling to give an informed answer. I am concerned about environmental affects of such activity, even more so than the money that could be generated. Our coastal area is a tremendous asset for North Carolina. It is not likely that oil dollars could make up for the damage done by an oil spill. I need to hear more.

How did you decided to get into this contest for the NC House seat. With your entry, it has become a 3-way race.

Galloway: I was approached by a group of citizens and business people who believed that the citizens needed another option in general election. Having discussed the issues, we concurred that extreme party politics had superseded the interest of the people. I had not been active in politics in the past. Actually, I worked as a police chief who put politics aside and addressed issues and solutions for the good of all people. This is what we need in Raleigh, That is, someone who will put people before party politics. I can buy in to that type of representation and am anxious to serve the people of Moore County this way. I am committed to listen to the people and do what’s best for Moore County. I have structured my Campaign to accomplish just that.

What do you think of all the action recently about such issues as the Pledge of allegiance and flag desecration? Do you support amending the state Constitution to address these issues?

Galloway: These are patriotic issues for some people. Therefore, it is hard to be anything other than supportive in order not to be misunderstood or taken wrongly. I am very patriotic and hold our pledge and flag in high regard. It is because I was raised that way at home. I think the efforts are distractions from important issues the General Assembly should concern itself with. In a “freedom of Speech” nation, we will have a hard time legislating patriotism. I do not believe a constitutional amendment will hold up against the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court.

What do you think of the "No Child Left Behind" federally mandated program? Do you think it helps or hinders the Moore County schools??

Galloway: The NCLB program is a federal program that sets accountability factors for local systems. The federal government gives the state one billion dollars per year in federal funding, half of which is used to facilitate the NCLB program. The factors used to evaluate the accountability on a federal level need to be re-calibrated to make sure they are fair to the local system. I don’t believe they hinder the schools. However, I don’t believe they are as practical as they need to be because the NCLB program is an “all or none” program. Local schools don’t get any credit if they don’t meet ALL of the standards.

How would you rate the performance of the 2006 legislative session? What didn't get done that should have been done?

Galloway: There were some good things accomplished, particularly pay adjustments for teachers and other state employees. It was long past due. Education faired well. That was good. The reduction in sales tax was a good start in the right direction. The Legislature should have done better and preparing for the future. That is, setting aside money for hard times. We should plan better for Fiscal Stability. People expect it.

Why do you think the legislature has had such a hard time coming to grips with lobbying and election reform?

Galloway: Because of the remarkable influence of money. We need to focus on the best interest of the people and control the influence and wrong perceptions money presents.

What is your stance on the mega-landfills that have been proposed in North Carolina and that some communities seem prepared to rely on for revenue?

Galloway: I support the recently passed moratorium so the issue can be studied. We need to make sure the money is worth the risk. Are we partnering with others and what will be the long-term impact on the environment in those areas affected?

How can North Carolina recover jobs when globalization is the ruling trend?

Galloway: North Carolina’s Economic Development arm must seek ways to sell the State to business and industry. We must always look for new ways to survive the “trends” of business and industry. We must be prepared to educate a new workforce. We must challenge globalization with brains not brawn. Education and creativity is how we will survive. Right now we are falling behind the world in science and math education.

What will you do to make North Carolina a leader in the effort to slow global warming?

Galloway: I will review environmental concerns and seek to learn more about how, as a legislator, I can help protect our environment. Clearly, we must slow CO2 emissions.

Where does the Navy stand with the building of the outlying landing field? What can we do to help bring attention to this issue?

I am not well enough informed about this topic to give an opinion. I will study the issue and seek expert advice.

I left the last question and answer in because I want to show that if Mr. Galloway doesn't know the answer, he simply states, "I don't know the answer". Quite a refreshing change don't you think?


to me,

Galloway looks like the perfect candidate at the right time in the right place! This is the type of leadership that we need in our County, State and yes, even in Washington. (Although it is hard to beat Barney)

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.


Nice work, Momo.

The outlying landing field

Is probably more an issue for the 1st Congressional District, so he wouldn't necessarily know that information. I do appreciate his candor. That is refreshing. I also think it would be a good idea if we sent him a link to some information because we should all be aware of the regional issues that could ultimately impact our state in a negative way.

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Momo, This is really great work

I think we should have a rundown this weekend of all the profiles and interviews we've run to date. This is just too good for one run.

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