GENX contamination emerges as a major campaign issue for NC Dems

And Republicans' defunding of environmental protection is coming back to haunt them:

Democrats also are making a push for House and Senate seats held by Republicans in and around coastal Wilmington. Favored by beachgoers and transplanted out-of-state retirees, the region became fixated last year on the presence of a little-studied chemical compound, GenX, in the Cape Fear River, which provides drinking water to many.

In campaign ads, Democrats and environmental groups are blaming GOP incumbents for passing budgets that reduced staff in the state environmental department responsible for water quality, and for failing to do enough for the river cleanup.

But it's not just the coastal & Cape Fear watershed areas where this is a big campaign issue; right here in Alamance County, GOP Legislators are being raked over the coal (ash) in numerous ads that began on Facebook but have jumped to radio and other Internet venues, like the intro to Youtube videos. And it's not just one group funding these environmental spots, there are several running ads similar to this one:

But ads and yard signs will only help so much. It takes energy and the willingness to engage with voters, something Erica McAdoo has an abundance of:

McAdoo, a first-time candidate, has been talking about public schools, health care and the environment, accusing Ross of failing to expand Medicaid coverage to more of the working poor and spend more on education. McAdoo’s campaign said recently the candidate and her volunteers had knocked on 10,000 doors.

“We’ve had to ... make sure we are reaching these folks, because that hasn’t been the standard strategy in (the) county,” McAdoo said. Ross declined to be interviewed.

As volunteers gathered recently to help McAdoo, Democratic activist Elaine Berry reminded them that “we don’t just need the people who always vote.”

“We need the people that need a little persuading. ... A little bit of persuading might be all we need to get them to come out and vote in this midterm election.”

There has been more grassroots activity by Democrats in my county this year than an entire decade preceding this election. If these folks don't win, it won't be because of a lack of effort, that's for sure.