Funnies From Screwy

Our own Screwy Hooley (notice,I'm claiming him as BlueNC's "own" - he existed loooong before we did!) does an amazing job at Scrutiny Hooligans. Here are just a few of the illustrations he and his fellow bloggers found to use with their posts. They are reprinted here completely without permission, however, each picture links to the blog post it was stolen from or to the front page.

After seeing that voter turnout in one precinct in Charlotte was .42% for Reps and .55% Dems, this picture really spoke to me. I think apathetic is a kind description. Pathetic is more like it.

More laughs on the flip side...

Talk about your special interest groups!....This one is absolutely hilarious and ranks as one of my favorites.

Click here

In case you can't read what it says in the border..."I'm a pro-choice pagan homicidal lesbian terrorist on anti-depressants and welfare and I vote."

For those of us following the Abramoff scandal, this is a classic. Screwy gives a nod to Jim Jenkins at BlogAsheville so we will too.

If you haven't visited Scrutiny Hooligans, make sure to drop in every now and then. They are doing great work.


Thanks Dem!

This was a nice post to run across as I zip from thing to thing this busybusy weekend. I appreciate your appreciation.

I'll have much to report when I've stopped with the busyness. I'm attending the Democracy for America Grassroots Training session and presenting in a breakout session tomorrow on how campaigns can team with bloggers. I've also got good news on the Shuler front that I can't tell just yet.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

That is hilarious!

Where do you find all this stuff?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Little Brother

gets the credit here. He made me watch Homestar Runner cartoons until I got it.

No, thank you for setting the example

and for always putting quality work together. It really is a pleasure to stop by and I plan to do it more often. Thanks for letting me steal your funnies!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.