The Fundamental and Core Issues for 2008 and Beyond!!

John Boy Edward does nothing for the fundamentals of democracy, save Kucinich and Nader. No one else qualifies that I have heard.

First of all: why do we, the people, allow the candidates to frame the issues? I think we should define those and demand answers, if not on specifics, general philosophies!

Ask them the below questions (yes, I am hung up on this item). For example:

What will he or she do to repeal the Patriot Act, all of it? What about the Military Commissions Act and all amendments associated with both?

What will he or she do to repeal the Bankruptcy Act? What will he or she do to corral the egregious interest rates allowed today by national law? How will he tackle the out of control financial community and its international arbitrage - against us?

What will he or she do to corral finance companies (think anti-trust)?

What will he or she do to ban and make "signing letters" illegal and refine laws under the Consitution to kill them for good?

What will he or she do to restore civil liberties, entirely, or die trying? For example, kill of Home Land Security Agency, a joke if ever, and return the agencies to their original configurations.

What will he or she do to attack and dismember the media and other monopolies? What will he do to do for a sunset law on corporate charters; killing off corporate citizenship under the 14th amendment; raising corporate taxes and get these bastards off our backs and out of our pockets? Oh, and did I mention taxing the hell out of offshore accounts -- and while at it general tariffs - good enough for the Founding Fathers, good enough for us?

What will he or she do to reject NAFTA and CAFTA and whatevery stuff is being dreamed up rightwing Washington think tanks?

What will he or she do to repeal all the previous tax cuts and do a "clawback" on the rich?

What will he or she do to put the Republicans and their rightwingnuts totally on the absolute long term defensive, and I mean hard over terrorize the rightwing jocks with suits, FCC filings, etc?

Will he or she scrub all agengcies three to four levels deep of right wing hacks? When (like two weeks post inauguration - have target lists ready by inauguration day, and backups lined up)--double Justice and go after every felon, still in government and out?

Think!. A pretty face, nice hair do and smooth manner an effective office holder does not make. I have little sympathy. John Boy did not do his homework as a senator but flitted around like a damed butterfly. I want to see a lot of serious learning.u Get unenchanted, unbedazzled and ask the hard, hard, hard questions.

This aint a date! It is the last chance we may have to avoid Facism.

The slippage of our civil liberties cannot be understated, and if the tools are there, both parties will use them. I was in the street with COINTELPRO under a Democratic Administration. Remember that?