Fun with Ogre

Many of you might remember Ogre, the insipid conservative blogger that chose to grace our presence some months back. Well, I have been having a grand time at his place recently for one reason. No matter what I say, he won't fight back. Sure, he spouts off some ridiculous "nanny-nanny-boo-boo" comments. But, he never manages to contradict one thing I say.

So, I say, go have some fun.

Ogre said ( 8:27 PM Friday, Jun 23):

Oh, you really got me with that one. Yup, you have now read the entire liberal talking points memo, showing your inability for independent thought, or even basic comprehension. Thanks for stopping by!

Robert P said ( 9:01 AM Friday, Jun 23):

Once again, no facts, just BS. The hallmark of the Republican party - talking points. Many of your readers may not know the history behind why they act like this, let's face it the term dittoheads means exactly that, people who cannot think for themselves but merely repeat the party line ad nauseum. Back in 94 Newt Gingrich worked to change the Republicans from a party into a cabal, controlled through language arising from the top. Now, you have no choice but to follow along with the party line like good little puppies. Any independent thought is quickly bashed.

In one recent memo, titled ''The 14 Words Never to Use,'' Luntz urged conservatives to restrict themselves to phrases from what he calls, grandly, the ''New American Lexicon.'' Thus, a smart Republican, in Luntz's view, never advocates ''drilling for oil''; he prefers ''exploring for energy.'' He should never criticize the ''government,'' which cleans our streets and pays our firemen; he should attack ''Washington,'' with its ceaseless thirst for taxes and regulations. ''We should never use the word outsourcing,'' Luntz wrote, ''because we will then be asked to defend or end the practice of allowing companies to ship American jobs overseas.''

No ideas, no facts, just mindless phrases. You're like a bunch of teenage girls doodling their "married name" on a notebook. I long for the days of a Lincoln, Roosevelt, or Eisenhower. Those men would be roundly defeated by the Rove's of this world - as we saw with John McCain.


For what it's worth,

I invited Ogre over here in this thread. I enjoy chatting with Ogre, and I'm sure he'll welcome the chance to debate some of the other BlueNC'ers.

Worst thread ever! Why do

Worst thread ever! Why do you hate American's who wear the uniform? Why do you pray for them to never return? You sir, are a hipocrit!