The fringe

I wasn't always on the fringe. Seven years ago I was a balancer, trying to find my middle ground between opposing forces. Between development and the environment. Between freedom and control. But then Bush got selected. The sheer stupidity of the choice - and the questionable way it happened - haunt me and will haunt this world for generations to come. That was bad enough, but then King George went and started a war. And stole another election.

The sheer audacity of these actions triggered a grand shift to the right, with a small number of neoconservatives and theocrats now enjoying far greater influence than their numbers warrant. I see the current progressive movement as a response to that shift.

Within the progressive movement, I choose the fringe. It's not my natural inclination to be on the fringe, and I embarrass myself often, but somebody's gotta do it. And just think how reasonable everyone else gets to look!