Friday News: Snowflake almost melts


GOP REP MIKE CLAMPITT CALLED RACIST DURING TOWN HALL: One woman called the Republican from Bryson City a racist, The Mountaineer reported. The woman, Mary Jane Curry, confronted Clampitt about his views on displaying the Confederate flag at the Canton Labor Day Parade, even breaking out a photo of Clampitt standing with men holding the flags and one of them wearing a Confederate uniform, according to The Mountaineer. Clampitt maintained that he condemns racism, and that the Confederate flag “has not always been associated with that.” He went on to tell a story of how years ago as a fire captain in Charlotte he denied one of his superior’s demands to unfairly discipline a black firefighter, according to the Smoky Mountain News. That led another woman, Doreen Carroll, to tell Clampitt, “There is nothing you can say that is going to convince me you’re not racist.” But Carroll’s remark led Clampitt to take a deep breath and left him on the verge of tears, the Smoky Mountain News reported.

THE POLITICIZATION OF UNC'S BOARD OF GOVERNORS: "I believe that the Board of Governors is being hyper-partisan and is being motivated by politics more than ever in the history of the Board of Governors," said Wayne Goodwin, chairman of the state Democratic Party. The Center for Civil Rights represents poor clients free of charge in employment, housing and other discrimination cases, which sometimes results in lawsuits against local governments. Some Board of Governors members who voted to prohibit the center from engaging in litigation said the university shouldn't be suing other governmental bodies and should focus more on education. "There’s no hiding that this policy came from a place of ideological opposition to the work that the center does. That’s been plain since the beginning," said Elizabeth Haddix, a lawyer with the Center for Civil Rights. Haddix said several board members plainly told her and other center staff that lawmakers put them on the board to end the center's advocacy work.

3-JUDGE PANEL DELAYS POWER SHIFT FOR MARK JOHNSON FOR 30 DAYS PENDING LAWSUIT: State Superintendent Mark Johnson will have to wait at least a month before gaining more control over the running of North Carolina’s public schools, a three-judge panel ruled Thursday. The judges agreed to continue delaying by 30 days its July ruling that upheld a state law that shifts more control over public education operations to Johnson. In requesting the stay, the State Board of Education had argued that letting the ruling go into effect now “will generate enormous disruption for our State’s public schools” – a charge denied by Johnson. “We are pleased the court has blocked this law for another month to allow the appellate courts to consider the case,” Bill Cobey, chairman of the state board, said in a statement.

FEMA CUTS OFF NC'S MATTHEW FUNDS TO PAY FOR HARVEY AND IRMA DAMAGE: State officials announced Thursday that FEMA has frozen money from its Public Assistance and Hazard Mitigation Grant programs for those municipalities and counties impacted by Hurricane Matthew. The decision was made due to the more immediate needs of victims from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the Governor’s Office said in a news release. That means the approximately $134.5 million in funding eligible in the Public Assistance program for the state’s ongoing recovery from Matthew is suspended until further notice from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Of that amount, $67.4 million for 213 local governments Public Assistance projects “are directly impacted.” The affected categories include roads, bridges, water control facilities, buildings, equipment, utilities, and parks and recreation.

ACTIVE DUTY MARINE WHO DISPLAYED WHITE SUPREMACIST BANNER IN GRAHAM BEING DISCHARGED: One of the U.S. Marines charged with trespassing on a downtown Graham building during a rally at the Confederate monument is on his way out of the Marine Corps. They face misdemeanor charges, which the military does not like, but they are probably in more trouble because while they were on that roof, they let down a banner that read, “He who controls the past controls the future,” a quote from George Orwell’s novel “1984,” and the banned also featured an “Identitarian” symbol and the letters “YWNRU” on the side — “You will not replace us,” the slogan chanted by demonstrators carrying torches in Charlottesville, Va., at protests of the removal of a Confederate monument in May and at the infamous “Unite the Right” protest Aug. 11 and 12. According to a protest leader, the slogan is an affirmation of being white.