French-Speaking Mitt Romney Attack Ad Targets SC Voters.

AmericanLP released its first TV ad, “French Romney” back in December. This ad showed footage of Mitt Romney speaking French during the 2002 Olympics. In text, the ad scrolled verbatim quotes from Romney stating all of his past liberal positions on controversial issues in a way that is similar to movie translations. Talking Points Memo called it “the funniest ad of the primaries” and “reminiscent of Woody Allen’s ‘What’s Up, Tiger Lily?’” The ad was showcased in most major media outlets and was aired on CBS News. The video also quickly went viral with more than 100,000 views on YouTube.

The purpose of the ad was twofold: 1. we wished to spotlight the anti-intellectualism of the GOP and mock its disdain for internationalism and 2. we were mocking Romney for all of his flip-flops over the years from liberal positions to conservative positions.

To the average listener, the fact that the ad was, in part, a joke, became abundantly obvious after watching it for 2 seconds, where one could clearly understand Mitt Romney saying “Salt Lake City” repeatedly” even if one didn’t understand French. However, the knee-jerk response of many Republicans and conservatives was outrage and condemnation of our ad. They were “shocked!” and “outraged” that someone could suggest that Republicans don’t love foreign language speaking candidates. Further, they were horrified that someone could suggest something about a GOP candidate that wasn’t literally consistent with their current positions.

We take great pride in the recent events of this past week, with the Newt Gingrich Campaign airing a similar TV ad ( In this ad, Newt makes the case that people should vote against Romney, in part, because Sen. John Kerry spoke French and Romney speaks French (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) so it must really, really, be a bad thing to do. (And don’t even think of pointing out that New Gingrich is fluent in French or that proves you are a part of the liberal media establishment bent on destroying civilization).

The GOP, a once great national political party, has sadly become a hostage of the know-nothings. As Bill Maher calls them, they are the “Stupid Party.” Candidates who appear smart are quickly punished at the polls. Every time Jon Huntsman speaks Mandarin he losses another 5000 voters.

Secretly smart candidates have to pretend they don’t believe in things like science, evolution or math in order to pander to the “know-nothings” who have taken over the Republican Party. We at AmericanLP are trying to be helpful to the American voters by highlighting this problem.

As such, we have produced a new TV ad specific to the South Carolina primary “French Romney Part Deux."

In this ad we again show Romney speaking French and we highlight two issues near and dear to South Carolina voters, abortion and homosexuality. We have helpfully provided verbatim quotes of Mitt Romney on the issues to help educate voters.

This new ad launches in South Carolina this week on WLTX (CBS) and WACH (FOX).