"Frat-boy" McCrory governing the only way he knows how

By surrounding himself with other useful idiots:

It's become a standard progressive meme to say that McCrory is "dumb," but I don't think that's true, at least not in the sense of lacking intelligence. What you have to understand about the governor is that his frames of reference are really limited. McCrory is a fratboy at heart, and so he gladly hands out favors to those who fit that mold, thus the two young bucks' cushy new jobs. Never mind that others are eminently more qualified, McKillip and Diaz are the kind of true believers in a "business-first" view of government that the governor is most comfortable around.

Although I'm not inclined to readily dismiss the "McCrory lacks intelligence" analysis, the rest of this assessment seems spot-on. In the mind of Myers Park Pat, being qualified for a job is not nearly as critical as sharing the same beliefs. And it will help keep the reality of his poor decisions out of the conversation.


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This is kind of insulting to

This is kind of insulting to frat boys. :>) I just can't picture Pat singing "Wagon Wheel" off key with a draft raised over his head and spilling on everyone around him. I picture Pat more as the student government type with no sense of humor and under the allusion that he holds some sort of real power as second vice president in charge of axillary services. "Can't we change the salad bar to a taco bar on Thursdays and Fridays? Come on guys its a good idea."

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