Frameshop: harsh words

There is a regular feature at DailyKos called the frameshop, based on the work of George Lakoff, that seeks good phraseology for fighting republican talking points. Well, I've got a suggestion.

For so long, it seems like every time we turn around we are backpeddling or fighting back against the latest Republican outrage. The latest Rumsfeld comments about Democrats being appeasers is the latest example. Once again, we are faced with the equivalent of "Are not!" or "No, you are!" type comebacks. If you remember back to your elementary playground days you will no that these comebacks are laughable and those that utter them are the biggest of weanies.

As such, my framing suggestions after the break.

It's quite simple and it's something I've been saying for awhile.


Here are the frames that we should be using daily against the Republican Party:

Liar - politicians are so worried to call a liar a liar, well it is high time we do it. Put them on the defensive, make them explain how their lies are just exaggerations.

Immoral - They claim to be the party of values, we need to call them immoral every chance we get. Their plans have increased infant mortality. Their plans have increased the number of abortions. Their plans have caused soldiers to die for lack of proper armor. THAT IS IMMORAL.

Hate Spewing
- Every time they mention gay marriage or immigration we should shoot back that all Republicans care about it spewing hate and not actually accomplishing anything.

Hissy Fit - When Rumsfeld had his latest little tantrum, we should have called it as it was. Republicans have to throw these hissy fits every once in awhile or else their base might actually realize what liars they are and how their immoral plans have hurt our country.

Eyes Shut Policies - Like that nine year old out in right field, Republicans have their eyes screwed shut with their mitts out praying that things will get better before anyone notices.



Policies that don't pass the smell test . . . wherein elected officials have to hold their noses when they vote.

Inspiring Robert....

and refreshing.....forget framing anything....just call it like it is.

It will take a pair of these...

It's a good thing you( in everyone...not you personally, Robert....) can buy them. It's the attaching part that looks a bit tricky.

Lucky me....I get to wear mine on a chain.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Nice thinking


As you know, I'm a big fan of messaging and framing.

Thanks again for your help with our BurmaShave messaging project, which is helping to reshape the Democratic brand throughout WNC. It's always important to say what we stand for if we want the public at large to think of us in accurate "frames" when they hear the word "Democrat."

It's also incumbent on us to frame Republicans accurately, fairly, but most important, effectively. In their work to define Democrats, they've ignored the first two, but done well at the third.

Accordingly, I would consider tweaking your "Eyes Shut Policies" to "Head in the Sand Policies" because it says essentially the same thing, but also brings to mind (at least to my mind) their obsession with Middle Eastern oil and the one fiasco after another that they've perpetrated there.

I'd also like to offer two other phrases that I think are useful:
"Red-ink Republicans" and "Red-letter Democrats".

The first simply addresses the ridiculous, but still used "tax and spend liberals" frame that Republicans spent significant effort searing into the American conscience. The fact is that Republicans in the last five years have done far more spending than Democrats ever have. An orgy of spending. But rather than find the means to pay for their follies, they've dug the nation into a financial hole that our grandchildren's grandchildren will still be trying to pay for. I truly believe that many of them aren't concerned about enormous deficit spending because they believe that Armageddon will make all financial concerns moot. Democrats, on the other hand, generally take a more prudent approach and actually plan for the future, on the assumption that there will be one. So let's call them what they are -- Red Ink Republicans.

And using the same color scheme, let's go ahead and assert the deeply held spiritual nature of most Democrats. While we are a big tent that attracts people of a wide variety of faiths, by and large we embrace the words of Jesus. Even Democrats who aren't Christians generally embrace the spirit behind his words. So, those phrases in the Bible that are printed in red -- the actual words of Jesus -- are generally what Democrats follow. That would include caring for the sick and the poor, acting as stewards of the environment, etc. This would be in stark contrast to so many Republicans who cherry-pick phrases from the black-ink parts of the Bible to spread hate and bigotry in a judgmental fashion.
Red-letter Democrats, whether they're Christian or not, support justice and compassion and policies that create Community -- a future filled with hope and opportunity, not with fear and malice and greed.

Red-ink Republicans and Red-letter Democrats, but no rose-colored glasses.

Thanks for all you do.