'Forgotten' Troops with PTSD

Daniel Zwerdling does it again, another great report, of his continuing reports on PTSD. It aired today, 12-20-07 on NPR's All Things Considered

The report is titled Effort Builds to Help 'Forgotten' Troops with PTSD

The site written report opens with this:

"Our military families deserve better," President Bush declared in October as he sent a proposed bill to Congress. The legislation, he said, would make it easier for our troops to receive care for PTSD, "and it will help affected service members to move forward with their lives."

Down aways and also on the audio we get this:

"I think it's an outrage that we have not taken proper care of them," said Sen. Christopher "Kit" Bond (R-MO), one of the most influential voices on veterans' affairs. "Too many of these people have been kicked out because of the results of the stress they've been under."

Now the Question I keep asking is "Where were these voices of concern of Military Personal as Republicans, like the one above, were rubber stamping the Administrations rush into War with Iraq, once again For No Damn Reason!"!

Where have they been since, in the 109th Congress they had Total Control over the purse strings and oversite, their jobs! They had the power of investigation, non existed and they blocked or marginalized any wanted by the opposition!

In the present Congress they lost their Majority Power so now they've become Obstructionists to anything getting done and still showing little concern for the plight of the returning troops, only empty words No Actions!

NPR has tracked down dozens of vets across the U.S. to put a face on the problem.

You can read the NPR report at above link where you can also listen to it, or click here to listen now

And there are some other links at the report site page, as always.


Winter Soldiers

An Important Request coming from IVAW, pass it on:

FROM: Kelly Dougherty, Executive Director, IVAW

To Allies of Iraq Veterans Against the War {IVAW} and Winter Soldiers

The United States has been occupying Iraq for nearly five years, and Afghanistan for over six. It often amazes us, as veterans and active duty troops, that we are engaged in two foreign occupations that continue to grind on with no end in sight. Some of us were in junior high or high school when these wars began, and now we have to watch as our peers continue to fight and die overseas while our politicians continue to refuse to bring our troops home. For many of us, the most frustrating, depressing thing is to see the level of detachment and apathy that is so common among the American people. The anti-war movement seems no closer to ending the occupation, and more and more people seem content to believe that things in Iraq are improving and they no longer need to bother themselves with worrying about it.

The voices of those who have been to war, have participated in occupation, and have been the victims and survivors of U.S. foreign aggression are not being heard. Those of us who know, first hand, the brutal realities of war have been ignored and marginalized, and it is well past time that we are given the space and opportunity to tell our stories. This is why Iraq Veterans Against the War is marking the fifth year of the Iraq invasion and occupation by holding Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan, March 13-16 in Washington, DC. We will offer first-hand, eyewitness accounts to tell the truth about these occupations; their impact on the troops, their families, our nation, and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Military resistance to the war in Iraq is just waiting to be organized and WS is an important action in IVAW's overall strategy to end the war and bring our troops home now.

We hope that you share our vision of the importance and significance of this momentous event. Winter Soldier provides a unique opportunity to reveal the reality of U.S. occupation, and our success will depend upon the hard work of our members and the support of our allies. In order to give our veterans the necessary space and attention we deserve to tell our stories, we are requesting that, during Winter Soldier, March 13-16, the larger anti-war movement calls no national mobilizations and that there are no local protests or civil disobedience actions in Washington DC. IVAW will not endorse any mass mobilizations or DC-based actions that conflict with Winter Soldier. We feel that large-scale activities will compete with Winter Soldier and dilute the voices of those testifying.

The success of Winter Soldier rests beyond IVAW and will ultimately depend on the support of our allies. We realize that ending the war will take more than any one single event or mobilization. However, Winter Soldier provides a venue like no other for those who experienced war on the ground to expose the truth and consequences of the "War on Terror" to the nation and the world. We hope that you share our vision.

Kelly Dougherty
Executive Director, IVAW

DC Bloggers, mark the date, attend and report, but Keep the 'Winter Soldiers and the Others' Front and Center

If they were sent to fight, they are too few. If they were sent to die, they are too many!