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In reading the Civitas talking points for the NC short session, I had to admire their obsessive consistency. Puppets do and say the exact same thing until you either scream, kill or surrender.

We need a different obsession.

We must be obsessed with unseating Charles Taylor and Robin Hayes. These are the places in North Carolina where we have a shot to make a difference and we must do whatever we can to win. I must. You must. We must.

Everyone knows the importance of gaining control of one seat in Congress. Subpoena power. It is the thing that matters most. So no matter whatever else you're doing, if you're not personally engaged in helping win these seats, we have a big problem.

The way I see it, this is put up or shut up time. Both candidates have filings due in a week and they need momentum right now. That means money. My money. Your money. And money from our friends.

Robin Hayes and Charles Taylor don't have a money challenge. They have business behind them, of course. Hayes sold his vote for CAFTA. Taylor sells his vote for anything.

Shuler and Kissell don't have big business behind them. They have us. And we the people don't win in November unless these guys win in November.

You're going to get sick of me writing about this so go ahead and surrender now.


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until he changes his shirt. I'm serious.

Plus I thought I'd wait till tomorrow for the real ask. This is called cultivation. Plow. Fertilize. Water. Plant. Grow. Harvest. Burp.

We're in plow.


Our traffic is always low during the weekend. Does it seem to be particularly quiet around here today to anyone else?

The weekend numbers always seem low.

Which is counterintuitive until you think about what OUR lives look like. As my wonderful bride says from time to time: you sure do spend a lot of time at that keyboard.

It's because your resident mouth

has been busy toting her 12 year old around to get the supplies she needs to finish her National History Day project. I'm back though and the project is her responsibility. I might have to help with the knife when she gets to shaping the sheet styrofoam to make the take-off/landing strip the Wright Brothers used....then again, the last time I used a knife, I fileted my finger.

It should be a while before she needs carving assistance as she has to scale the durned thing first. Ahhhhh last minute projects. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

We love making books

but we haven't done it for a while. We made them for friends who have little ones. Sadly, the girls are in an "anti" stage right now. They don't want to do anything cute or fun.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

The importance of winning these seats

Friendlier ears for environmental, civil rights, public trnasportation, fair trade, women's rights...and general progress. Remember that none of these issues is served by a Republican Congress.