Flag daze

I wish Walter Jones would spend half as much time fighting to make America once again symoblize something honest and good as he does worrying about the flag for which it stands. This from his latest email pandering.


WASHINGTON, DC - Third District Congressman Walter B. Jones (R-NC) this week introduced H.R. 5255, the American Flag Display Protection Act, a bill that would prohibit a school from receiving Federal funds if the school prevents a student from displaying or wearing in a respectful manner a representation of the flag of the United States.

"The most important symbol of any Nation is the national flag," Congressman Jones said. "Since ancient times, flags or banners have served to identify and unify groups of people, especially in times of war."

News reports in recent weeks have indicated that several schools in California, Arizona and Colorado prohibited the display of national flags and the wearing of clothes with patriotic symbols. These bans were imposed in reaction to confrontations between students sparked by the ongoing national debate over immigration issues.

A Denver newspaper reported in April that several students at Shaw Heights Middle School were given one-day suspensions after wearing U.S. Marines t-shirts or shirts with American flags. Another student at the middle school was reportedly suspended for wearing a D.A.R.E. program shirt with a flag behind the logo.

"Throughout our Nation, the American flag is displayed in classrooms and school hallways," Jones said. "The display of the American flag by students should be afforded an extraordinary level of protection - and should by no means be equated with the treatment of those who choose to display the flag of foreign powers. School officials in this country who prohibit students from wearing or displaying the United States flag in a respectful manner should not do so without consequence."

H. R. 5255 would prohibit an elementary school, secondary school or institution of higher education from receiving funds from any Federal source, by contract or grant, if the school or institution has a policy or practice that prevents or prohibits the right of a student to display or wear, in a respectful manner, a representation of the United States flag in a manner that is at least equal in quality and scope to the right of a student to display or wear any other representation.

In a respectful manner? According to whose judgment? His? The teachers? The students? Mine? And what would he say about the young woman in the picture at the left? Respectful?

This is exactly why posturing politicians should keep their eyes on important public policy, instead of worrying about what kids wear in public schools. This is a set up for more court cases than you can shake a stick at -- and it will inevitably create more problems than it solves. Another lame Republican pandering stunt.


Respectful display?

I don't think her flag has enough stripes... Old Walt isn't going to like it, but I dare him to count them. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Sounds about as good a bill as the one passed in Texas last year that banned "sexy cheerleading".

From Deep In The Heart Of Texas

From Deep In The Heart Of Texas