First defendant sentenced for Insurrection gets probation


Not the type of standard that should be set:

In seeking probation for Lloyd, prosecutors noted that she was not involved in any violence and destruction or preplanning and coordination of the Capitol breach. Lloyd was invited by her hairdresser to drive to Washington to hear Trump speak, her attorney wrote in court documents.

U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth said he was giving her a “break,” but didn’t want others to think that probation — and not a stiffer sentence — would be the norm. “Legally, I could give you the six months, but is that really what we want our judiciary to do?” the judge asked.

Actually, that's exactly what we want our judiciary to do. I don't care who "invited" her to DC, or what her original intentions were. She ended up inside the Capitol building, and that act simply must have consequences. Those who planned and plotted the Insurrection would not have (could not have) overwhelmed police and succeeded in breaching Congress without hundreds just like her, and giving her a "break" could easily lead to a future breakdown of our democracy. And I am sick and tired of the excuses and calls for sympathy for these people:

Joshua Bustle of Virginia, who pleaded guilty alongside his wife, will also be seeking probation, his lawyer said. Jessica Bustle’s attorney described them as “good, decent, hardworking people,” who were urged to come to Washington by “very powerful people and groups.”

“They are not criminals or insurrectionists or rioters. They were not looking to break laws when they came to DC on the 6th. They violated minor laws on the 6th and they have accepted responsibility and accountability for doing so,” Jessica Bustle’s attorney, Nabeel Kibria, wrote in an email.

Yeah, that's a load of crap. From the DOJ Indictment itself:

On January 6, 2021, posts were made on a Facebook page with the username of "jessbustle." One such post made from the account "jessbustle" depicts a female with blonde hair wearing a tan and white colored knitcap. Although the image was reversed, I was able to determine that the cap read, "LIONS NOT SHEEP". In the background of the photograph, which appears to have been taken inside a car, a portion of a sign can be seen. Again, although reversed, the visible letters read "VACCIN". Along with the photograph,the post reads, "We don't win this thing sitting on the sidelines. Excited to stand for truth with my fellow patriots and freedom fighters in DC today. Lessss do this."

Another post on the account "jessicabustle" says, "Pence is a traitor. We stormed the capital. An unarmed peaceful woman down the hall from us was shot in neck by cops. It's insane here. We're safe and heading home but have limited service."

The road from anti-vaxxer to dangerous extremist is apparently a very short one.