Fighting rhetoric and lies with information

Hi folks. New BlueNC member here. Quickie bio: born and raised in NC, live on the SE Coast in Thom Goolsby's district, more's the pity. For seven years or so, I've written and wrangled content for the History Commons, where I've learned that information is indeed power. Before my arrival, we helped the Jersey Girls force the creation of the 9/11 commission (they provided the activism, we helped with the info), and some of our members have testified before Congress. Our members have produced at least two books and I'm writing a third as we speak. Taught for 21 years. Currently underemployed. Adore my wife and my houseful of cats.

That's done, whew! Now, I proposed a project for the Daily Kos that is delineated here:

NC: Moral Mondays Now Joined by Information Tuesdays (and every day!)

I'm hoping some of you guys will help. Quick summation: I'm proposing a frequently updated Web site that will serve as a "one-stop" source of information about all the crazy boo-yah that McCrory and the NC Legislature is trying, often successfully, to shove down our throats. I've looked pretty extensively on the Web, and there is a ton of info out there, but I don't see a quick and easy info repository.

Want to know about the legislature's attempt to throw out gun permits? Who proposed it? Where is it in the legislative process? Bill #? Click click boom, got it, ready to use it in blog posts, letters to the editor, signs for Moral Monday, radio interviews, you name it. Voting restrictions? Repealing the Racial Justice Act? Taxing hybrid cars? A couple of clicks, a quick scan, and you're off to do something productive, armed with the information you need.

What I really need is a few volunteers to help write content. It would be short, info-dense snippets, with links for further info. I've designed the site and will maintain it as long as necessary -- long enough to help chase McCrory and his droids back into the private sector. James Protzman has already given me permission to use photos from the BlueNC site (thanks, James!), but I'm hoping that some readers will pitch in with content, a little or a lot, as you like. It's all good.

I'm not big on activism for myself. The last time I protested anything was at Harold Covington's house in Raleigh, and some of you know how long ago he was a factor in NC politics. What I do is research and information provision. If information is armament, then I provide the ammo. You snag it and decide what to do with it. (Maybe BlueNC could link to it, when it gets done? We can always ask.)

If you're interested in helping out, drop me a note in the comments to this blog. I'd very much appreciate it.

Thanks for reading.


Welcome, Michael

What a great way to get more folks involved in documenting the harsh reality of Pat McCrory.

I especially like this because I believe McCrory's entire tenure will be defined by the series of bills he signs over the next couple of weeks. That said, I fully expect the cowardly lyin' will allow much of the damage to move forward without his signature. MIA Pat may very well become his most enduring nickname.

Volunteer writer

I am a ghostwriter of anything anyone needs. I will certainly volunteer my services for your info site. Please give me topics you wish to have covered in order to avoid redundancy, and I'll be happy to research and write whatever you want covered. I have a full schedule, but will definitely make time for this worthy cause.

I am anxious to do whatever I can to help clean out the Governor's Mansion and clean up Jones St.

My email is:
I am on FB as: Pat Ferguson (my maiden name)

I look forward to hearing from you.

Pat Ferguson Truslow

Thank you, Pat.

From one ghostwriter to another ... I see you!

web hosting

I own a web design company here in Gaston County NC and we already host quite a few political sites..We can donate web hosting if you're still needing it.

David E. Turner
Gaston County, NC
Owner, Loray Media

Thank you, David

Nice to meet you.

Volunteer for the cause!

I also echo Pat's ghostwriter comments and would be happy to do the same! My topics of interest within the nightmare session on Jones Street this first half of the year include: Voter suppression/Voter ID and anything public school related~fighting against vouchers and messing with the Pre-K eligibility reqs, raising class sizes. I have also been keeping up with the hyprocrisy many of these legislators have been spewing and happy to provide content on any number of them!

My email is and on Facebook, Jen Geurin Ferrell. I also run a facebook page, soon to be website, called Forward Americans. We have mostly been using NC as the example of how we're using our voices to fight back, for those around the country paying attention and also interested in the future in easy ways to speak up and out to their own reps!
Thank you for organizing and involving those of us interested in spreading awareness and the truth Michael!


The outpouring of support is overwhelming. I will take ALL of you up on it.

My email is mtuck4242 AT gmail DOT com . You will be hearing from me today.

Thank you!

Need a domain...suggestions?

Obviously, isn't gonna do the trick (though it's the kind of thing that first comes to my mind...)

I'm thinking or something along those lines. Or maybe something that reflects the info content.

Who's got better suggestions?

Went with

because I didn't want folks confusing us with those guys in South Cackalacky and I like the idea of a dot-org and not a dot-com URL.

Hope that works for you. The site isn't live yet, so don't plug the URL into your browser for the time being.

Words with dual meaning

How about something like State Government Matters, or Staying Ahead On Your Bills? Meh, that second one is a little too long for a domain name...

Yeah, I thought about that

NC State Government Matters or NC Government Matters might work.

My view (which might not be shared by all) is to avoid partisan labeling, at least in the initial introductory stage. One of the reasons for the growing ranks of Independents/Unaffiliated is the disillusionment of people by standard party-line rhetoric. If your domain name brands you that way, you may end up (mostly) preaching to the choir.

The truth is on our side, if we can just get people to pay attention.

I dunno, those are very generic

I agree with the nonpartisan labeling to a point. However, the thrust of the info site (as I see it, anyway) is to provide information for activism. That has a partisan flavor to it, especially since we want to kick McCrory and his minions to the curb as quickly as possible. By its very nature, that's partisan. We want him out and "our" folks in. We want to use the information to inform people, give activists the facts they need to hone their actions, etc.

I don't want to go all Code Pink on the thing, but I don't want it to be so broadly structured that it becomes generic and toothless.

You're probably right

If you want to draw attention to something, generic/neutral probably isn't the best way to do that.

Which reminds me, I need to go shirt-shopping...

Also thinking about what kind of attention a domain

draws. "NC Government Matters" has a nifty double meaning to it, but it's very dry and academic, and doesn't suggest action and positive change. David's "turncarolinablue" is such a good domain name -- short, contains lots of info, and indicates positive action -- that I like it even though it doesn't suggest an information resource.

Think think think...

I guess it all depends on

I guess it all depends on whether the focus is on McCrory or on the broader downward spiral that he's encouraging.








The snark is strong with this one, yessss...

I'm still fond of turncarolinablue so far. Can't believe no one has snapped that up.

I See TurnNCBlue is already chosen...

...and I'm sure it will do quite nicely.

But for whoever else might want to get something along the lines of what James has suggested here, I think what you want to get is (& .org & .net & ...).

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Okay, here's the mockup

This is NOT the domain name. It's where I store my stufz online. I'm still leaning towards turncarolinablue or maybe turnncblue .

The site is strictly in mockup form. No data yet, and almost none of the links work. (The Latin is just placeholder text.) Not very happy with the "McCrory vs. NC" heading, either.

Any thoughts on the look, feel, etc? All suggestions are more than welcome.

Love it

First blush ... feels right to me. Nice work.

Thanks, James.

Pat pointed out in an e-mail that the "McCrory vs NC" bit is too aggressive, and I agree. I suggested "Facts about McCrory and NCGA." Something. There's definitely a length consideration -- a long phrase will ding the layout. Three or four words max.

Looking forward to the site

I'd offer my services as well, but you seem to have more than enough folks far more qualified than I am.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

No, we'd love to have you.

The amount of info that needs processing is daunting, and there are no "qualifications" aside from basic writing skills and a sincere desire to hound McCrory and his minions out of office. If you're inclined, drop me a line: mtuck4242 at gmail dot com.