Fight the lies with logic, not anger

FWIW, if you wanted to make the Postal Service more efficient, the *last* thing you'd do is remove automated sorting machines.

Posted by Steve Harrison on Friday, August 14, 2020



Which is not to say

that anger doesn't have a "place" in situations like this, where a desperate man (Trump) is working to destroy an institution just to give himself (a perceived) edge.

But here's the thing: While we might see through the bullshit being put out by Trump's handlers and henchmen (DeJoy), conservative media is steadily attacking the alleged inefficiency of the Postal Service, trying to cast Trump and DeJoy as "saviors" who just want to fix it. And much of mainstream media is afraid to call it what it is, an attack on a form of voting we desperately need during a pandemic.

And that's where logic comes in. DeJoy is literally removing these sorting machines from Postal hubs all over the country, a move that is completely incongruous with his stated intentions. That contradictory behavior is proof (positive) that disrupting the election is their goal, and it pulls the rug out from under the propagandists pushing the false narrative.