"The Family" and Stupak, Pitts, Heath Shuler and Mike McIntyre: Must-listen interview

The Family is one of the most frightening political organizations I have heard of. It grew out of 1930's roots of union-busting and a desire to foster "Totalitarianism for Christ" after the predicted fall of Democracy.

Today the group is on the forefront of the conservative side of "the culture wars"--anti-gay rights, anti-reproductive rights. It operates on a basis of leaders chosen by God doing whatever they think is best, on a national and global level. This includes support to dictators (as long as they are so-called "key men" chosen by God). The Family is currently connected "to proposed anti-gay legislation in Uganda that could sentence, quote, repeat offenders to the death penalty."

If you've heard about The Family, you've probably heard that recently scandalized Republicans like Mark Sanford and John Ensign are involved. Now the names like Congressmen Bart Stupak and Joe Pitts have fresh recognition since they authored the strong anti-abortion amendment to the House's health care reform bill.

It was also distressing news to me Democrats including North Carolina's own Congressmen Heath Shuler and Mike McIntryre are involved with The Family. This week's new Fresh Air with Terry Gross interview with investigative journalist Jeff Sharlet is a must-listen refresher course shining light on this secretive organization.

I have been very upset with the strategy that the NC Democratic Party has taken to promote extremely conservative candidates like Shuler. I don't see what point it serves to have DINOs representing our state in Congress. They certainly don't represent my interests--and I had been asked to contribute to Shuler's campaign "for the good of the party." Thank goodness I declined to do so, seeing now that he's acting exactly as I had predicted he would.

The sad thing is that now I cannot in good conscience give money to the North Carolina Democratic Party, either, now that they are adopting a strategy of pushing win-at-all-costs candidates who don't really support key issues in the party's platform.

It's one thing to say that these men represent conservative districts, but when I see them voting on amendments to the national health care bill that will deny vital health care to millions of women, there is no way that I can support them as Democratic representatives.

Let them run and serve as Republican if that's what they are. The Democratic Party does not need this destructive faction pulling us away from our core values.

As for my political donations, my money will be going to a few individual candidates whom I support, Lillian's List for state elections, and Emily's List for national races


Shuler lives in C Street house in D. C.

According to Wikipedia, Heath Shuler lives in The Family's C Street house when he is in D. C.

While in Washington, DC, Shuler lives at the C Street facility of The Family, a controversial organization which operates the property as a tax-exempt church and a residence for several congressmen and senators. The building became notorious during a series of political sex scandals in 2009, in which current or former residents John Ensign, Mark Sanford, and Chip Pickering admitted to adulterous affairs, which their housemates knew of but did not publicize.[1][

This stuff scares the crap out of me

Thanks for the post, Amy. We try to keep an eye on the zealots, but they don't much like their secret signs to be seen. Shuler, especially, is a cockroach when it comes to scurrying out of the light of public scrutiny.

I called Shuler's office months ago about this.

They wouldn't confirm he lives there for "security" reasons. For some reason people in WNC don't seem to be much bothered by this. John Boyle, Asheville Citizens Times, wrote an article on Shuler living there and was mystified when Rachel Maddow picked it up. His comment, Well he's religious guy.