Faison dials up the criticism

Statement from Rep. Bill Faison via email:

The Governor has finally stepped up and proposed what I have been calling for, together with seventy percent of the House Democrats, since September - restore part of the penny sales tax for education and jobs. I am happy to see that she understands that our proposal is the only way to restore opportunity for the unemployed and education. My colleagues and I led this effort to restore 7/10 of a penny sales tax to restore jobs and education cuts, together with closing tax loopholes that put a burden on working, middle class families and helping small businesses hire. It is unfortunate that the Governor did not join our efforts then or join me in letters to the GOP Leadership asking for this issue to be heard over the past months.

Education is the escalator to employment and it is not acceptable that we cut education to the level the Republican leadership has this session. People are hurting across North Carolina, as a result of cuts.

In the face of nationwide job losses and economic challenges affecting our state, the Republican Leadership in the General Assembly continues focusing on legislation that benefits big corporate donors and the radical social agenda of a few in their party, rather than dealing with the problems affecting the working middle class families – jobs, future employment, educational opportunities for our kids and energy costs.

While the Governor falls further behind the likely GOP opponent, she has finally decided to endorse a solid plan, and one I proposed months ago. I could have used her help in September on this issue as I tried to have it heard in the General Assembly. Instead the GOP Leadership keeps wasting our tax dollars to the tune of $50,000 per day on divisive issues. People across the state have been so responsive to the Jobs Plan my colleagues and I put forward because it touches them on the issues most important in their lives.

I don't know that I've ever seen such a sad bunch of whining in my life. To put it bluntly, Faison's plan was worthless and misguided from the get-go ... and the fact the Perdue has "finally" come onboard only makes it worse. Neither Perdue nor Faison has taken the right path on revenues, which would involve a significant increase in taxes on the wealthy. More to the point, it really doesn't matter what either of them thinks. Republicans aren't going to raise taxes, period. Faison's whining about Perdue's refusal to follow him down the rabbit hole is silly and obnoxious.

This email is just another round bullshit grandstanding.


Once again

He has not run statewide for elected office; has run in 1 1/2 counties. But I appreciate you pumping his name recognition.

Bottom line

Bottom line: Atleast Jeanne and Bill are working on getting suggestions and ideas out there to fix this economic hole that we find ourselves in. Any and all representatives who are truly concerned about the public they are representing should really consider getting on board with Faison.Raising taxes on a small group of people can't be the only solution. Faison's plan encompasses a plethora of diverse approaches, and that's what NC needs. Faison and Jeanne are out there trying to figure this out. I don't quite understand how posting or sending these emails is helping thoes people who are unemployed looking for a long term solution they can count on?

Have you actually read Faison's plan??

Faison's plan encompasses a plethora of diverse approaches, and that's what NC needs

It amounts to a regressive tax increase and closing mostly (98%) unspecified loopholes to pay for creating jobs. What "plethora of diverse approaches" did you see in "the plan"? Did we read the same "plan"?

Bottom line is that this is precampaign campaigning started 14 months prior to the 2012 election. The economy went south (but not to NC) about 4 years ago.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Did you attend any press conferences or

Caucus meetings when he spoke on it, did you read any of his op-eds, di you read any of the news articles? Try that. BTW, I did not see anything on Bev's plan that had any detail, did you?

You told me and you've told other folks here to Read "The Plan"

If there is more to "the plan", then Faison's website need to be updated. Otherwise I stand by my summary.

Bev doesn't have anyone proselytizing here at BlueNC for her. Nor has anyone at BlueNC trumpeted her plan like it was the great answer to North Carolina's job woes.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

As a supporter of...

Pat McCrory, I'm gratified to see this.