Factory schooling

In the neocon Walmart World where Government, Inc., is the sure path to freedom and prosperity, nothing beats big. Big checkbooks. Big churches. Big stores. Big highways. Big deficits. Big wars. And even big schools.

New high schools are built for 3,000 students, although they've been known to top 4,000 -- larger than some private colleges. Middle schools often exceed 2,000 kids. Elementary schools vary, but 1,200 students is common. When the principal at Creekland Middle School greets visitors, there is a note of pride in her voice. "Welcome," she announces, "to the largest middle school in the country!" Creekland Middle enrolls 2,800.

"We moved here seven years ago from California," said Holly Collins, whose son attends Osborne Middle School near Interstate 85. "The first time somebody told me they had 1,200 kids in elementary school I thought, 'This is never going to work.'

"But when you break it down to classes of 20 kids or so, there are just more of them. I guess you get used to it."

Yeah. Get used to it. Factory schooling is big and beautiful. Just ask the hogs.


Morning, A

I'm getting ready to take Katie to her lovely little charter school. We went to one of those large elementary schools. I do not recommend it. I realize other areas would handle it differently than CMS, but the school looked and felt like a prison. We traded that for trailors, but when the school has its facility finished it will be the envy of the green community. Sadly, my girls will have graduated by then.

Gotta run.

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