Executions VI: McHone Execution Stayed

Judge Andy Cromer on the North Carolina Superior Court has ordered that Steven McHone's execution scheduled for Friday be stayed until he considers new evidence from a paramedic that heard his mother's dying words asking for forgiveness for her son, who had just shot her. Judge Cromer's statement before issuing the order was:

"Someone unconnected to the family, the paramedic has been living with the last words of Mildred (Adams). From a perspective of how I am to review all of this. it's almost simply that. What effect does something that was not connected to the family have on the jury?"

For a full article on the decision look here.
The decision means that there will not be an execution Friday. And Judge Cromer will review this evidence to determine whether McHone should be re-sentenced with the jury knowing the new evidence. But the decision is being appealed to the Supreme Court today and may be overruled so it is all still uncertain.

UPDATE: As expected the State has appealed the stay.

UPDATE: Not unexpectedly, the NC Supreme Court has overruled the stay. See above.