Emily speaks out

I am Emily. I am the mother of two children. I have a three year old daughter who lives with me in Nevada. I have not seen or talked to my six year old son, Murray, in almost four years. My daughter has never met her big brother but we look at Murray’s picture every day so she knows she has a brother.

My brother and sister-in-law used a phony court order to remove Murray from Nevada. The court order was prepared in 2003 by Leigh Peek of Hillsborough, North Carolina. My brother and sister-in-law told me they needed a document to get emergency medical care for Murray while I left him in their care for a few weeks. I did not want to sign the document because Murray already had Medicaid, but I trusted Leigh because she is Mormon and my family is Mormon. Leigh did not advise me to see another attorney before I signed the document in her office, so I thought she was representing me.

Three years after I signed the document in Leigh’s office, my son was kidnapped by his father in Nevada. My brother flew to Nevada with the document I signed in Leigh’s office and told the judge he had joint custody of my son. My attorney, Betsy Wolfenden, explained to me why the document I signed was not a valid child custody order.

Leigh told the judges in North Carolina and in Nevada that the document I signed in her office was a child custody order. The judges believed her and they transferred my son’s case from Nevada to North Carolina. You can imagine how difficult it is to fight for your child from another state on a limited income! I believe Leigh wanted the case moved to North Carolina so she could make money from my brother, who paid her a lot.

After my brother got Murray, he and his wife changed his name to Colin Alexander and gave him away to strangers without telling me. They gave Murray to a Mormon couple who live in Surry County, North Carolina. Murray was three years old at the time. When Betsy deposed the couple, they told her that Murray (who they also call Colin Alexander) had made the decision to live with him. The wife admitted she has bi-polar disorder. The husband said he thought Murray looked like him.

The Mormon couple wanted to adopt Murray. I am not surprised because my son is an adorable little boy. The Mormon couple hired Leigh Peek and another attorney, Donna Ambler Rice, to prepare and file the adoption papers. In order to adopt my son, the Mormon couple needed my consent. Instead, they all decided that my brother should try and get custody of Murray in Orange County so he could consent to Murray’s adoption in Surry County. Betsy explained to me that it was not legal for my brother to consent to Murray’s adoption even if he had sole custody.

My bother filed a complaint in Orange County, asking for sole legal and physical custody of Murray. Leigh served me in Nevada with the complaint and I served her with my answer, asking for my son back. Leigh went to court to get a hearing date. Instead of asking the judge for a hearing date, she told the judge that I had not answered the complaint or contacted the court. This was a complete lie! The judge—Judge Buckner—did not even take the time to open my file and read it. He just took Leigh at her word and told her he would sign the custody order she had written. My brother was not even in court that day! If he had been in court and Judge Buckner had asked him about Murray, my brother would have to tell Judge Buckner that he had given Murray away. Betsy explained to me that in North Carolina, a judge must hold a hearing before he signs a child custody order which gives one person sole custody of a child. Judge Buckner did not hold hearing in my case or take any evidence from anyone.

After my brother got custody of Murray, he consented to his adoption and the adoption almost went through! I hired Betsy Wolfenden to stop the adoption and she did. When we looked through the adoption paperwork, we discovered that the Mormon couple gave my brother money after he took Murray to their house. I could not believe my brother sold my son.

After we got the adoption dismissed, we tried to get Murray out of the Mormon couple’s house. Betsy told Judge Buckner that when he signed the custody order, Leigh had committed a fraud upon the court by telling him I had not answered the complaint and by not telling him that Murray was no longer living with my brother and his wife. Judge Buckner refused to set aside the custody order Leigh prepared even though he knew he was wrong. He also refused to give me a court hearing. Betsy also filed a motion so I could see my son. The day before we were going to get heard on the motion, Leigh and Donna asked the judge for a continuance and he granted their motion.

Murray has now lived with the Mormon couple for three years. Although Murray is in their home illegally, I cannot imagine putting son through any more unnecessary trauma. That is why I decided to sue Leigh Peek and Donna Davis. There is no money in the world that can replace the years I have lost with my son and I felt I had a duty to other parents to stop such unethical legal practices.

No one in this case has won or will ever win except for Leigh Peek and Donna Ambler Rice, who made thousands of dollars from my brother and the Mormon couple. The Mormon couple was not able to adopt my son and they don’t have legal custody of my son. My brother and his wife have legal custody of my son but they gave Murray away to the Mormon couple. When we tried to negotiate a shared custody arrangement that would benefit everyone in this case, including Murray, Donna and Leigh told the North Carolina State Bar that Betsy was trying to sell Murray. It was impossible for Betsy to sell Murray when he had already been sold by my brother!

I complained to the North Carolina State Bar about Leigh and Donna’s conduct but they rejected my complaint, saying they did not have enough evidence to find they had acted unethically. That is a travesty because Betsy gave the State Bar all the documents that have been filed in this case, and the State Bar assured me they would contact me or Betsy if they needed further evidence. Instead, the State Bar disbarred Betsy.

I believe the North Carolina State Bar disbarred Betsy because they know I will not find another attorney in the State of North Carolina who has the courage to pick up where Betsy left off. The State Bar also knows that without Betsy, my case will be swept under the carpet and the corruption in Orange County District Court will continue.

I have no faith in a system that prosecutes people for standing up for what’s right. Betsy Wolfenden stood up for me knowing her law career was at stake. Betsy has dealt with slander and harassment from attorneys and judges in Orange Country District Court throughout the life of my case, but she never gave up. She promised me she would never stop fighting for me, but the North Carolina State Bar clearly had other plans for my case.

I don’t even know if my son remembers his real name--Murray Lee Edwin McManaway--or if he remembers me, but I hope that one day I will get the chance to explain to him that his mommy did not give him away, but that he was stolen from me by the North Carolina legal system.



...you are NOT Emily. You are Doctor Wolfenden (Juris or Medical, or both, I am not sure). The one who medically diagnoses folks based on "word on the street" and your own dislike for certain people.

And just so I have the story straight, the kid was LEFT (one might even use the term "abandoned") by her with a family member in North Carolina for three years? And there is a sibling for this kid; a three year old? Same dad by chance? Did she provide any financial support?

Something, actually just about everything, in this story does not add up. And I seriously doubt that the Judge, or any/all Mormons and/or all the other folks who are alleged to be a part of this vast conspiracy, had anything to do with some long-term and well-planned conspiracy to leave (or abandon) a child with someone else for at least three years.

This statement...
There is no money in the world that can replace the years I have lost with my son and I felt I had a duty to other parents to stop such unethical legal practices.

...seems unbelievable since part of the documentation, evidence, pleadings, etc., included that somewhere between $55,000-$75,000 was adequate to make up for the years Ms. Wolfenden alleges were lost.

Once again, Dr. Wolfenden, was there an offer of $55,000 to allow the custody order to remain in place? Was there an offer of $75,000 to allow an adoption to occur? VERY simple questions. Yes or No?

One thing that someone pointed out to me (actually it was a transmission from the mothership) was that in all the cases cited by the Bar, whenever a case did not go Dr. (may I call you Doctor?) Wolfenden's way, she reverted to (not factually supported) personal attacks against Judges, attorney, parties, clerks, court personnel, "the System", and whomever else happened to be in her gunsites at the time. I dare say she is to the Democratic Party what the Tancredo is to the Republicans (Ms. Wolfenden, that is what called an "analogy" and not actually part of another conspiracy set out by anyone in Orange County).

And the answer is still "No, I am not a Mormon." Not that there is anything wrong with that.


Grizzly definitely seems involved in this. Whoever this Grizzly is, I bet he/she has a lot to lose from the truth coming out. Looks like the bear is afraid of the Big Bad Wolf.

you bellowed???

I have nothing else to lose (see the respect part) or gain from anything the Doctor does. I don't know any of these people.

I already lost any respect I might have had for her or her client's case upon reading her posts, the documents posted, doing some independent research, her various rants to the Court of Appeals and then realizing she was lying and/or so seriously disconnected from reality that neither her posts nor her pleadings, had any connection with the truth.

And my only involvement with her posts was my ability to read, think and rationally respond/question. Admittedly, I found the posts interesting at first. So much so that I decided to do some research. When I realized she was full of (garbage) I decided to post some responses.

Even IF I am involved somehow, what does that matter to the arguments, facts and questions I asked? The good Doctor posted inaccurate, irrelevant, (some might argue) reprehensible information about folks and continues to do so. I pointed out (with actual documents, facts, rational arguments and follow up questions) places were I thought more information would be useful and where the Doctor's arguments were lacking credibility. The Doctor has failed and refused to provide answers to the questions posted or the arguments made.

It appears that the good Doctor's bark is way worse than her bite and I see how well her bark has served her thus far. Her followers and fellow conspiracy-theorists, well who knows...

Speaking of which, here is a brilliant idea. Instead of 'calling me out' (what are we 12?) how about addressing the facts and questions in my responses? Or how about doing some research yourself and showing us how my points are not correct? Or maybe look to the left and ask the Doctor what you should post next; but please tell her my special request is that she post responses supported by actual facts, documents and rational arguments.

Nothing "else" to lose or

Nothing "else" to lose or gain? You sure do sound involved in this, even if it is only emotionally.

it is plain English...


I have nothing else to lose (see the respect part)...

I already lost any respect I might have had for her or her client's case upon reading her posts, the documents posted, doing some independent research,...

Let me explain it s-l-o-w-l-y to you. The nothing else indicates a loss of "something." That "something" is an respect, believability, and trust that she would post something of substance that has any truth to it.

Not sure where the confusion is, but this is the same evasive writing style that the Doctor includes in her posts, pleadings, deposition, etc. Go figure. And still not a document, pleading, fact, or anything that would or could prove that the good Doctor is telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Hey Grizzly, when you said

Hey Grizzly, when you said you needed to explain things s-l-o-w-l-y, did you actually type it slowly? Just messing with you.

No offense, but if you want to be taken seriously you are going to need to be a little more polite and not come off as such a bully who wants to silence Ms. Wolfenden or attack people who don't agree with you. For instance, your first argument on this page is that the posting "Emily Speaks Out" was not written by Emily. It is my understanding that Emily was Ms. Wolfenden's client. It seems a little out there to immediately start accusing Ms. Wolfenden of forging that. I mean aren't you trying to attack people who might think there is a "consiracy" going on? And at the same time you are making some odd accusations yourself. It is these types of postings that leave me inclined to believe you have something at stake. If you really don't, I would ease up on the bullying comments, otherwise folks are going to believe you are someone involved and trying to cover up what is going on.

But I do think if people are noticing things going on in a county, in particularly a court system, they should begin to stand up. Don't you agree? So even though you might disagree with some of the particulars of Ms. Wolfenden's case, you probably do agree that folks should fight against a corrupt system? I think that if this county really does have all of this going on, maybe people should begin to get together and exchange stories. What do you think Grizzly?

you've got no room...

...to be preaching Observer09. reread your own posts. They don't address the facts or questions, they attack or assign allegiance to some cause or side in Wolfenden's mess. By way of example, here is your post above:

"Grizzly definitely seems involved in this. Whoever this Grizzly is, I bet he/she has a lot to lose from the truth coming out. Looks like the bear is afraid of the Big Bad Wolf."

You want politeness? Give politeness. You want snide comments? Give snide comments. But you need not start crying when you get what you give. I ask for facts, you offer snide comments.

And I don't want to silence anyone. If the Doctor's allegations are true, I want to see the FACTS, DOCUMENTS (not her deposition again, please), or something TANGIBLE that support her allegations against all these people. And a woman's "story", IF that woman (by and through Wolfenden) offered to give up her child for $50,000-$75,000, is not, IMHO, a credible fact witness and should be happy she isn't in jail (if she did offer to sell her child, that is).

And if Wolfenden's allegations are just based on rumor, innuendo, gossip, speculation, hypothesis or are just the ravings of a woman who is mad she lost an election, is there ever going to be an end to the number of people she accuses of misconduct? Who is next? Barack Obama? Didn't he visit North Carolina once? And isn't Orange County located in North Carolina? And hasn't someone seen an Orange County Judge talking to a black man in a suit? And wasn't that same suit seen in a catalog laying at a dentist's office in Chapel Hill? And don't politicians use a dentist? Whammoo!!! Breaking news and case closed!!!! Obama and politicians are funneling a judge's money to buy suits for the DNC. Someone call Fox News!!!! Oh wait, that is the same rationale Fox News uses to come up with most of their stories, so they probably already know it. Never mind...