As the ElectriCities scandal unfolds, Mayor Bruce Rose Defensive and Customers Outrage, Tilton out to lunch

This scandal gets worse and worse. Rocky Mount Telegram gets legal bills at $647k and then Rick Dew requests it and it is over $1 million. Looks like citizens will have to request everything.

Bruce Rose is all defensive and says what the elected council will and will not do. Who made him KING? The council has the right and the obligation to investigate. Just because Bruce Rose is on the board, he has been getting paid and has clouded judgment, if any. Why is Bruce Rose so defensive?

Jesse Tilton continues to talk Washington DC and costs. HOW about the costs for SALARIES, BIG SALARY increases, BONUSES, LAWYERS, redundant services like communications and economic development adding up in the rate increase and then of course his major booboo, the refinance blunder.

Come on Jesse Tilton. Wake up Man. We are on to you. Soon every ratepayer will be on to you. We are not stupid eastern NC like you think we are. NO ACCOUNTABILITY. What else have you squandered when we were not looking?

Sorry this is breaking on Obama's VP pick but we are on a roll now.