Election 2022 open thread


If you are harassed

when trying to vote, or encounter any other obstacles, let us know. Take a picture with your phone and we will expose the fascists.

Not a happy camper...

For several election cycles I ran dual blogs (House & Senate) pushing to get candidates for all district races. I did not do it this time around, because I've been working my ass off and didn't have the time or energy to constantly update it. But I shouldn't have to, FFS.

FFS indeed

It's hard to overstate how pissed off I am. Between our feckless Democratic Party organization and the horde of bald-faced liars running the Republican machine, it looks to me like nothing but bad news ahead. So many opportunities squandered.

I don't see any reason to keep BlueNC running, do you? The idea of a Democratic stronghold in the Old North State feels like an illusion that is lightyears from being fulfilled. We'll be dead before that happens.

It does seem pointless.

But it always seems that way after a disappointing election. Which most of them have been for a long time.

I don't know. I've got a diary brewing in my mind about the above abandoned seats, but I'm loath to do the research it would entail, looking at campaign dollars and such.

Let me dwell on the question, at least until my anger recedes. Trying to separate emotions from big decisions these days. :)

Good advice

I pretty much want to blow things up right now, so taking a pause is definitely a good idea.

Funny. Someone wrote on Facebook that people like Julius Caesar, Henry VII, George Washington, etc., all spent time looking at the moon in their lives. And now they're all dead. The inevitable conclusion? The moon killed them.

I wonder if it's possible to hire the moon for a little 21st century action?

Don't. Look. Up.