Electable NC Democratic women: An embarrassment of riches

You know that feeling. The one you get when you go to thank a list of people and just know you're going to leave someone important out. I got that feeling yesterday in the mad rush to promote candidates to run for Governor.  We only have a few weeks before filing begins so the race was on to recruit candidates, promote facebook pages and buy up urls. In the rush I forgot some very important people - women.

Someone threw out Janet Cowell's name and I think Elaine Marshall's name came up, so the rest of you are off the hook. For me, there is absolutely no excuse. I'm the daughter of a female politician for heaven's sake! Today, please allow me to right my wrong. The Democratic Party of North Carolina has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to strong women prepared and qualified to serve this state and its people.

Rep. Tricia Cotham has already indicated an interest in running a statewide campaign.  Rep. Deborah Ross who was bunked with another Democrat in redistricting is another woman who might be willing to step onto a larger stage. Beth Wood, our state auditor may be willing if asked.  What about Pricey Harrison, Diane Parfitt or Earline Parmon?

Yesterday was a mad rush. Today we should step back and create a deeper field of both men and women in the state who are qualified to serve.  Then, we need to get on the phone and do one simple thing. Ask them to run.

Please vote for your favorite in the informal poll for Governor and for Lt. Governor. You do not need to be registered for the site in order to vote. (No photo ID required either!)


Please go vote

I have a long list of names....we can narrow it down, but in our rush yesterday we forgot a lot of people - Dan Besse, Hampton Dellinger, Pat Smathers...and a whole lot of women -

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Cowell and Marshall bowed out yesterday

You've got to be kidding about Parmon.

And if you think Miller is too liberal for the state, why would you consider Pricey Harrison? Of course, I would love a Gov. Harrison.

Rep. Susi Hamilton is a young Democratic woman from down east that should be on the long term list. Perhaps Lt Gov. at this point.


Betsy, thanks for writing about this

Even with Perdue out, I still believe that women can and should swing for the fence this year. All out and all in.

Your post reminds me that we are already in great shape in terms of women candidates, a situation I hope would pull even more women into play.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to say, "I am one of the 100 Great Women running for North Carolina. As a group, we stand for freedom, education and good government. As a person and a women, I am committed to making North Carolina the best place in the world for women and families. If we get there, we'll also be the best place in the world for men, too."