Edgecombe County Democratic Party UpDates


The meeting began Sept. 30, 2014 at 6:00 pm. with refreshments , call to order , pledge of allegiance , County roll call , seating of representatives , reading of the previous minutes , treasurer report and the introduction of NC State Senator Don Davis Chair, 1st Cong. Democratic District. , by Ms. Gladys Shelton , 1st Vice Chair.

Those in attendance figures were Senator Joe Tolson , Representative- Rev. Thomas L Walker , Clerk of Court -Carol White , Chair Roosevelt Higgs, Honorable Gladys Shelton , Sheriff Knight , Don Davis 1st Democratic District Chair, to name a few, and many others the seating was full from representative's to community Democrat's.

The highlights of all the speeches made were ; to vote, know your position once you have it, reduce employment, benefit's the broad spectrum , medicaid expansion , who are we as a county the pro's and cons, how to improve community, come together education wise , recognize the percentages as a party the leaders in matters, invite the broad spectrum stressing emphasis to same, why to get the Democrat's elected, make effective changes, find your meetings Precinct areas and know the issues, notification of the delegates, and to whom should be appointed in the up coming open position's .

Lastly, the old business was discussed , new business , announcements ,and the adjournment.
Party Treasurer Report - Edgecombe County Democratic Party funds to date is - $3292.70