2016 Early voting locations and schedules

If you feel strongly about the locations, days or times of Early Voting in your county, now is the time to contact your local Board of Elections.
The EV periods are set - but the specifics are determined by each of the 100 counties.

2016 Primary election: Early vote 3/3-3/12 with election day on 3/15.
2016 General election: Early vote 10/27-11/5 with election day on 11/8.



On campus voting this spring?

This spring early voting could be a chance to help underrepresented young people and students participate more in the democratic process by advocating for on campus early voting.

Having it in May meant people were doing exams or home for the summer. But in counties where the schools don't have spring break that week, like ECSU, NCCU, Duke, UNC, and others, there could be value in students organizing to advocate for on campus voting at their schools.

I wonder how many student groups are even aware of the change and the fact that the time to be advocating for on campus early voting is over the next 2 months?