Early Vote Guidance issued by NCSBE

For the folks with an interest in the Early Vote schedules, here's the latest - posted as a comment at
gercohenJoMC712 said...
New early vote plans must be adopted.l by August 19. Previous adopted plan voided by NCSBE. Guidance issued at 5 pm [Friday 8/5] is here. https://s3.amazonaws.com/dl.ncsbe.gov/sboe/numbermemo/2016/Numbered%20Memo%202016-11.pdf


If you are able to attend the meetings, call your county Board of Elections and ask if they plan to meet to discuss their early voting plan. If so, try to attend.
NOTE: Please be nice (unless you know that you should not be!). Most elections folks are reasonable. Watauga seems to be an outlier. Unfortunately, Orange seems to be trying to keep it company.



Crisis in Guilford County

The BoE has some nefarious plans up its sleeves:

Despite the recent court ruling against voting restrictions, the Republican majority on the Guilford County Board of Elections wants to REDUCE the Early Voting plan from what the county offered in 2012.

We urgently need you to attend the Guilford County Board of Elections meeting on Monday, August 8, at 1 p.m. to prevent the Board from adopting a terrible Early Voting plan for the November election.

The Republican majority on the Board wants to:

cut by nearly half the number of Early Voting sites, including many inside Greensboro;
completely eliminate Sunday voting; and
cut out the popular sites at UNC-Greensboro and NC A&T!

And I just discovered (to my horror) that Don Wendelken is one of the two R's on the Board. Dude is a Facebook troll of epic proportions, and one of the dumber ones at that. The GOP really has no business running a food truck, much less the entire state.

OMG! Another evil BoE!

Steve - screen cap those posts and send them to your local Director of Elections. Make sure s/he knows that decisions by the bigot will cause distrust and will be challenged. CC your county NCAAP chapter too so they can use them to challenge, if needed. Look up contact info here: http://www.naacpnc.org/branches

Elections folks must-must-must avoid seeming partial*.

Numerous requests for info on any EV planning meetings have gone in to the Person BoE and we are waiting to see what happens at the meeting in Charlotte (of all county boards) this weekend.

[*One of our local trolls was certain that he was going to be on the BoE here but the state turned him down. I'm not sure how that happened... maybe it was the screenshots of some of his FB posts and internet comments that someone sent to the local Director that were fwd'd to the state. Now, who would have done that, I wonder...]

Like maybe this one:

I'm actually more offended by his misuse of a homophone than I am the partisan childishness. I really do need a vacation...

And here's another:

Wendelken's ability to choose early voting sites could directly impact Nancy Vaughan's election(s) as Greensboro Mayor. She's not running in 2016, but next year she will face a re-election race.

Either of those should do...

One of our guys got in (minor) trouble back in 2013 for "liking" a post on FB - and that can be done without intent if you have a hair trigger mouse. This might be a good time for some good trouble.
Of course, 2013 was before the McCrony-ism really set in but still...

Worried about Wake County.....

Wake County is having its meeting regarding new dates and times for early voting at 5:30 pm this coming Monday by TELECONFERENCE. What's up with that? And they are down a member, so it's one Republican and one Democrat....could be good, could be not so good.

It's got to be an open meeting ...

So you should be able to listen in if you wish. We've had a vacationing member call in before.
Legally they are open meetings and anyone can attend. They have to have a comment period to allow you to speak (I think) but in our little county, you can sort of speak up during the meeting -- at least so far anyway.