Dull Bored with DC?

Rumor from the Crawfish Boil I attended today has it that Liddy Dole is sick and tired of Washington and has decided she wants to be the Governor of North Carolina next. Apparently she's somewhere between bored and worn out and is looking for another position where she won't have to work so hard. Southern Dem diaried this earlier (I think) but the rumor remains persistent.

Makes sense to me, given that she's doing such a crappy job as a North Carolina Senator. Isn't rewarding incompetence the Republican way?

And don't forget, she'd rather be in Montana.

There's nowhere I'd rather be today," she said into the microphone, a "Conrad Burns" button pinned above her heart. She smiled at her host. "He's doing such a great job.


I may have mentioned it

at some point b/c we were talking about Sue Myrick wanting the job too.

No, she can't be governor. Absolutely not!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I want some crawfish

Can you e-mail them to me? And what chance does dull have to get elected gov? anyone care to comment?