Duke lacrosse story deserves comment

I know Anglico said it was a slow news day when he posted the castration story but, still, I have to say it seems like fun and games in comparison to this horrible Duke lacrosse team debacle. At least there, the survivors were willing.

Maybe I missed the discussion of this topic. Or maybe we're all too repulsed to comment? I sure am. I just hope the sentence for rape in North Carolina is appropriate to these alleged crimes.

In my college days, some frat jerks impeded three women from getting from the frat house to their car had to write essays. When I objected in a school paper editorial, the women sought me out to tell me they though the punishment fit the crime. They were angry. I honestly couldn't tell if they were scared of retaliation or truly upset with my concept that what amounted to legal kidnapping deserved a more serious consequence.

Then there were the frat rapists (Figi -- Phi Gamma Delta), who dragged a woman in off the street in the middle of a school day. They gang raped her but received absolutely no punishment. I'm not even sure how seriously it was investigated. I could never learn if the DA dropped the case (for "insufficient evidence") or if the survivor was just too terrified or too humiliated to prosecute.

Certainly, no athlete would ever have been investigated or prosecuted for anything less than murder, if that!

So, even though it's a sad situation and people had to protest in the streets, I'm very very happy to that some things have improved since the 70s.


Certainly a big story

But difficult to tell how to comment on it. Since you did it first, I promoted to the front.


Hey DQ.

It's come up a few times (including this mention yesterday about the sociopath who has already been expelled) but there hasn't been a full discussion. So thanks for getting it out there.

Being here in Chapel Hill, and having many friends in Durham, this story is stirring up much just-below-the-surface tension between the privileged few at Duke and the Bull City. Assuming the players are guilty (and that seems all but certain) I sure hope the strong arm of the law flat-out nails their sorry asses. And not just the perpetrators. The whole code of silence bullshit is sick . . . and they are all criminals in my book.

sex crimes thrive in silence

but don't get me started on the wider topic!!!

When I was in college

some local white boys beat up a friend of a friend. Unfortunately for them, he was the youngest in a long line of dealers from Youngstown, Ohio. He was just a tiny guy, about 5'5" and probably 130 lbs. The "little" little brother that they wanted out of the ghetto to make something of himself. His nickname was Smiley for God's sake, he was about the nicest kid I ever met.

Their response was not pretty. I remember a lot of frat boys ending up in the hospital that semester. Why am I mentioning this? From the article:

"We do not want anyone from the NCCU family to seek retribution or take matters into their own hands," Ammons said in a statement. "We have to exercise a great level of civility as we await the outcome of this investigation. I am encouraging our students to continue to show support for the alleged victim and to continue to plan events that better educate individuals about sexual violence and racism."

Having lived in Durham for almost 5 years, that tension that Anglico mentioned is real and intense. Durhamites feel the wall that Duke has built around them and they don't like it.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

what do you think could be done to help?

I saw video of the protest and I could tell it wasn't all about this one incident.

out of my league.

A century of neglect will take some time to fix.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I'm constantly amazed

at how major institutions can ignore their own communities. I assume this is worse than benign neglect but even that is eggregious in a institution that is supposedly committed to education.